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RIPPLES ADVERT RATE: Specifications Overview

Ripples can help you achieve your advertising objectives, offering a wide variety of rich media formats to help you strengthen brand awareness and ultimately yield a high ROI. Whether it’s a standard  advert  placements or innovative custom solutions, Ripplesnigeria.com  is the place to help you create a compelling and rich ad experience for consumers.


Ad Unit Dimensions Monthly Fee Yearly Fee Special Discount
Sidebar Square Board (Front page) 250px x 300px 238,000
Mini Skyscraper (Inner Page) 160px x 400px 170,000
Skyscraper Hover Ads 160px x 600px 255,000
Background Spread Ads 1920px x 3300px 212,500
Sidekick Flex Banner Ads 300px x 600px max 340,000
Headline Section Ads 620px x 330px 127,500 (Daily)
Logo Top Banner Ads 720px x 90px 255,000
Newsletter Mailshot Ads 600px x 200px 127,500 (Weekly)
Article Page Ads 620px x 300px 195,500
Sidekick Article Page Ads 300px x 250px max 127,500
Section Bottom Ads 1160px x 220px 170,000 (Daily)
Mobile App/Article Newsfeed Ads 300px x 850px max 59,500 ( Daily)
Digital Video Format Sidekick 300px x 250px 221,000
Rich Media Creative (Flash and GIF) 300px x 600px 323,000
Digital Video Welcome page Ads 620px x 330px 340,000

Custom Ad Submission Process

Special sizes and locations are negotiable on request. Kindly send us an email to adverts@ripples.com.ng for more information about advert placement or call 08090491377

·         Design concept  should be presented to the Ripples Business Development Manager via email to info@ripples.com.ng  for review and pricing discussion.

·         Manager will submit to Ripples’s Strategic Integration Group (SIG) for initial review and approval.

·         This should include a mockup of the design concept or link to a live example by the agency for concept review.

·         NOTE: Some concepts may require more than two (2) weeks lead time if the concept requires major changes to Ripples section templates.

Approval and notification contacts:
Etaghene Edirin
info@ripples.com.ng  | Call: 08090491377

Required Image Format: JPEG, GIF, PNG or Animated GIF.  | Rich Media or Video Format: AVI, MP4, SWF, FLA