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2 things you need to do if your marriage is unbearably boring

2 things you need to do if your marriage is unbearably boring

The longer you’re married, the more challenging it becomes. Between work, kids, your activities, the kids’ extracurricular, responsibilities, caring for elderly parents, church activities, and the list goes on and on, it’s easy to lose sight of each other.

When it comes to romance, well, sometimes you’re just not feeling it.

Here are two things to try if you ever feel that your spouse or significant other is becoming a little boring:

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1. Unplug From Technology: Turn off your phones, the TV, etc. and talk about your day for two to three minutes without your partner interrupting. Take notes as the other talks so you can go back and ask further questions about certain issues or reactions. You will learn a lot and might be surprised to see how interesting and complex your partner is!

2. Plan A Change of Scenery: Make a date night at least once a week for an hour or more. No matter what, get into a new environment that’s not just sitting in the house together. Going somewhere different — even to a new park — opens the door to new reactions, thoughts and feelings and the sparks can begin to fly again.

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