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3 easy steps to repair your damaged PDF documents



If you are here because you are having issues with your PDF file, then you are in the right place! Today, electronic file sharing has been a growing practice for many. May it be in schools, offices, businesses, etc., people now opt for sending and receiving documents digitally. This is possible because of the constant advancement of technology. They can share it through the use of external drives, e-mails, online messaging applications, online drives, shareable file links, cloud services, etc. Indeed, a lot of means and channels for file transport, which is why many mainly use them because it is convenient and it saves time.


PDF files, for one, are the most used file format when it comes to file-sharing because it is the easiest to have access to and is very reliable. This type of file can be accessed by almost any device and browser. You wouldn’t have to worry about your files being disarranged and distorted if opened by another user because everything in the file will remain intact and, once saved, will look the same when opened. They keep trouble for both the sender and receiver of the files. There are so many good things to say about PDF files!


Why is my PDF file damaged?


However, despite this being hassle-free, one thing we should consider and can’t always avoid is damaged and corrupted PDF files. It is undoubtedly frustrating having to deal with these files because after all the hard work and effort we put into the file, it cannot be opened. Common causes of these PDF file issues are power failure of your device, improper shutdown of the system, device storage failure, file transfer disruptions, incomplete or failed file downloads, or perhaps, the file is infected with a virus or malware.


No matter what the reason is, in any way, it can be helped! Before being discouraged, you must know that there are still options to recover the damaged file. In this article, we’ll show you how to use a repair PDF file tool and recover any corrupted file in the easiest way possible.


Where can I repair my PDF file?


With an internet connection, the simplest and fastest place to go for PDF file repairing is online sites that have tools for PDF-related services. They are super convenient to use because all you have to do is upload your file to their server and they will do all the work! 


There are many sites to choose from but for starters, you can try out GogoPDF, Sejda, PDF2Go, ilovePDF, and PDFBear. Their services are for free and aside from PDF repairing they also do conversions, file organization, optimization, security, viewing, editing, and e-signing. You can also avail yourself of more of their features with a premium membership. Prices are usually around $5 to $10 monthly. They also give a free trial period. 


They are surely easy to use for anyone and your damaged PDF will be repaired in no time!

Steps to repair PDF files online


  1. Upload your damaged PDF file


The first step is to upload your damaged or corrupted file to the server’s toolbox. To do that, you can click the Browse Files button and a new window will appear for you to select the file you wish to upload from your computer or device. After selecting the file, click Open. You can also get your file straight from your online storage sites like Dropbox and Google Drive. Or just simply drag and drop the PDF file into the assigned area. 


  1. Wait for the repair to finish


Upon uploading, your file will be immediately processed by the server. All you have to do in this step is wait for the repair to be completed. It would usually take less than a minute or two depending on your internet connection. But compared to other methods, this still saves a lot of time!


  1. Download or share the repaired PDF file


Once the PDF file is finally repaired and ready, you will be redirected to another page for you to download your file. Click the Download button to save the fixed PDF file to your device. If you want to save it straight to your online storage drives like Dropbox and Google Drive, there is also an option to upload it to these sites. They also let you send the PDF file via email where you can create a personalized message to a recipient with you as the sender. And there is also a generated shareable link that you can easily send to a group of people so they can download the file through it and you don’t have to send the file to them individually. 


The easiest and most convenient method and tool to use for PDF repair from start to finish! 


Other options to repair your PDF files


There are also other options to recover a damaged PDF file. Sometimes, the PDF reader may be the one at fault, so you can try opening the file in other PDF reader software. And if does not work, you can try recovering the previous versions of the file. For Windows 10 users, you can check the backed-up files in the Update and Security section in the Windows Setting menu. Among the files in the File History, look for the latest and same file of the damaged one and restore it to the system. And if that too, doesn’t work you can try out professional PDF Repair Services. Most of them are not free but they get the work done for sure!




Of course, there are a lot of ways to recover and fix a damaged file! So don’t worry or feel discouraged if ever you face these kinds of issues again because there are tools out there that will help. There is no need for you to create a new file because that is just so burdensome. Well, that is the last resort if none of these methods work. But it worked for many PDF users plenty of time so it will work for you too! Damaged PDF files can be fixed and it is easy and simple with tools available everywhere. 

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