6 eCommerce website features that help you find the best products online
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6 eCommerce website features that help you find the best products online



6 eCommerce website features that help you find the best products online

eCommerce and its continuous explosion – thanks to the internet – has forever changed the way we shop for products and services. We have witnessed – in the last 6 years of eCommerce debut in Nigeria – many impactful changes, such as the rise of online marketplaces; the seamless shift to using mobile devices for online shopping; the incredible growth of online and digital marketing and advertising; and the use of digital modifications in sales and mainstream consumer shopping.

Despite this remarkable innovation, many still find it very challenging to use these eCommerce platforms because they hardly understand how the features of these platforms work.

This article explains six common features of eCommerce platforms that can assist shoppers find the best products online.

1) Star Rating (Seller’s Score): Star Rating, also known as Seller’s Score, provides a first-hand description of previous buyers experience with a product and/or seller. If the previous buyers’ experience with a product or seller was subpar, the rating might be very poor, almost between 1 & 2-star.

2) Number of Successful Sales: Vendors do not sign up on eCommerce websites just for fun. They want to make sales. So, for customers who want to find the best products, the number of successful sales is one of the points to look out for. The rule here is very simple: the higher the sales, the better the quality of products and/or customer experience with the seller, and vice versa.

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3) Warranty: A warranty describes the conditions under and period during, which the producer or vendor will repair, replace, or compensate for a defective item without cost to the buyer or user. The caveat for the repair is that the damage must not be as a result of the buyer’s actions. This said, warranty generally give buyers the confidence that in the case of any fault, they are guaranteed repair or replacement at no cost. Hence, always look out for sellers who provide warranty for their products before shopping for an item. However, warranty does not apply to all products.

4) Delivery Speed: There is nothing like ordering a product and it is delivered same day. The time between order and delivery, though may not apply to the product’s quality, it however says a lot about the efficiency of the ecommerce site, where the order was placed.

5) Written Reviews (Sort By): This is arguably one of the easiest ways for online shoppers to make a buying decision. Most times, whenever you buy a product, you are prompted to review whatever you bought. This will help other buyers determine whether to buy from a particular vendor or not. Reviews are usually sorted by best and worst rating.

6) Free Return Policy (Within 7 Days): Returning a product at no cost is one of the ways to know where to find best products online. This is because customers are more likely to shop on a platform that offers free returns within 7 days.

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