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6 tips on how to become irresistible to your man

6 tips on how to become irresistible to your man
By Editor

It is human nature to see validation from the people we are either crushing on or madly in love with.

Do you want your man to desire you more than any other girl? In this article, we take a look at six ways to make yourself so irresistible to him that he has eyes for no one else.

1) Be Confident: Confidence is attractive. There’s no other way of putting it. If you’re a confident person, you’re automatically a bit more appealing in his eyes. It shows him that you’re assertive, you’ve got your own mind and you’re in love with yourself.

2) Be Positive: Being positive is one of the best tips on how to become irresistible to a man. Let’s face it, no one wants to be with a woman who’s always scowling, miserable and whose glass is always half empty. Negativity is infectious and as a rule of thumb, guys do their best to avoid this kind of person.

3) Compliment Him: You know what guys really like? To be complimented. It’s not the same when they compliment you and you shoot them one straight back. It feels fake and they’ll question how sincere your compliment really is. But if you pay him a compliment out of the blue, it will make him feel fantastic and he’ll want more where that came from.

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4) Show, Don’t Tell: This is another great tip on how to become irresistible to a man. Don’t tell him you’re a kind person – show him. Don’t tell him you’re the most loving person alive – show him. Actions speak louder than words and guys appreciate women who show and don’t just tell.

5) Create An Air Of Mystery: Guys love a bit of mystery. They love the chase and they don’t like it when a girl gives up everything about who she is almost straight away. So make sure that you create an air of mystery around yourself. Leave some things to the imagination. Let his mind wander with questions.

6) Don’t Take Things Too Seriously: We know that there are some things in life that should be taken seriously and guys know this, too. But there are other things that should be taken more lightheartedly. If you can’t laugh at anything but, see, even the most trivial of matters as “nothing to laugh at,” you’re going to encounter difficulties in your quest on how to become irresistible to a man.



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