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7 clear signs your ex wants you back. but won’t admit it

7 clear signs your ex wants you back. but won't admit it

Are you not sure what all the mixed signals mean? A breakup is tough but the aftermath can be puzzling.

In this article we take a look at seven clear signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it.

1) THEY EMPHASISE HOW MUCH THEY’VE CHANGED: If you criticised them for this and that, and they literally text you to tell you how much they’ve changed, it’s a HUGE sign that they’re trying to convince you they’re a different person now and you should totally take them back.

2) THEY’RE NOT BACK ON THE DATING SCENE: You’re back on the dating scene but your ex wants to make it clear that they aren’t.
“Nope, not dating anyone else at the moment. Not got the time, you know? Enjoying being single and getting to know someone else is exhausting, isn’t it?”
The thing is that they don’t need to tell you this. In fact, the only reason they are telling you this is because they want you to know in no uncertain terms that they’re still available.

3) THE SPARE TICKET: “Hey, I’ve got a spare ticket for … and thought you might want it?” Ah, the classic spare ticket trick.
Let’s face it, they bought two tickets with the express purpose of doing this. Kinda cute but totally annoying if you just want to move on.

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4) THEY’RE PRETTY ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: They make statuses that are clearly designed to grab your attention. For example, they might post a song they know you love. Or maybe they’ll be a bit more obvious and tag you in a status. Or maybe they’ll be even more obvious and post on your wall! Either way, if you notice they’re making more statuses than usual and literally losing their minds on Facebook, it’s a clear sign they want you to notice them.

5) THE DRUNK TEXT: Drunk texting is funny between friends and even partners. But when it’s an ex that you kinda want to go away? It’s a bit sad and desperate.
After all, out of all the numbers in their contacts, why would they pick yours? Moreover, they’re out and having fun – why are they texting at all?! Because they miss you!

6) THEY’VE IMPROVED THEMSELVES: When you broke up, they weren’t the best version of themselves. Now they’ve quit smoking, drinking, gambling and have signed up to university!

7) THEY KEEP TEXTING: If they literally can’t go 2 days without texting, it’s another clear sign that they miss you. The problem with this is that they’re not giving themselves a chance to get over you. By texting so often, they’re making the whole thing worse.
It’s a bit sad but hey ho, if you don’t want them back, the best thing to do is to reply less frequently. Eventually they’ll get the picture.


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