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7 reasons it’s okay to date a younger guy

7 reasons it's okay to date a younger guy

Got a younger man on your radar but a bit concerned by the age gap?

Listed below are seven reasons you should throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

1) You Have Experience: The older you get, the more experience you have. Unfortunately, when you meet older men that are a similar age to you, they tend to view this experience as “baggage.”
Not so younger men. Instead, they’re enthralled and fascinated by your experience. It’s part of your charm. You’ve lived a life they can but yet dream about, and they want you to teach them things.

2) Because Young Guys Can Be More Mature Than Older Guys: It’s funny. When you tell someone that you’re dating a younger guy, the first thing they always bring up is both your ages.
People always love to compare ages, as though it’s a measure of taste, maturity and so on. But the reality is that a lot of younger guys are a lot more mature than older guys.

3) Your Chances Of Conceiving Might Improve: Research has shown that young men boost your fertility.

4) Because They’re Open Minded: Obviously not every younger guy you come across will be open to dating an older woman. But many younger guys are more open than you might expect.

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5) Because It’s Sexist To Think That It ISN’T Okay To Date Younger Men: When someone (a guy) tells you that you really shouldn’t date younger men, it’s usually because they’re either jealous or a bit (a lot) sexist.
Instead, we’re encouraged to date older guys because they’re financially stable and have good jobs, lots of contacts and will take us on lots of vacations.

6) Because Young Guys Are Supportive: The older we get, the more we relinquish our dreams. This certainly happens to guys who seem to get grumpier as we get older.

7) Because Young Guys Are Ready To Commit: Getting any guy to commit is a difficult task. It certainly isn’t just young men who find it hard to commit 100% to a woman – it’s also older men.




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