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855 Nigerians killed by road traffic crash within 3 months –NBS study



Road traffic crashes accounted for the death of 855 Nigerians between June and September, with adults making up 788 or 92% of the total, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Road Transport Data report for second quarter 2020 showed on Wednesday. The rest 67 people or 8% were children.

694 fatalities were male while 161 deaths were female, equivalent to 81% and 19% respectively.

The statistics office, which collaborated with the Federal Road Safety Corps in conducting the study, stated that 2,080 road crashes happened in Q2 2020, dominated by accidents from speed violation, which were responsible for 47% of the figure.

Next came wrongful overtaking at 10%. However, dangerous overtaking was the least cause of road accidents in the period as reported.

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Accident with injuries involved 5,535 Nigerians, 5,166 of whom were adults representing 93%. 369 or 7% were children.

The male gender is generally more vulnerable to road disasters, given that apart from topping the road casualty list by gender, it also recorded more injured victims than the female gender. 4,393 male people, translating to 79%, sustained injuries via road accident, while 1,142 females or 21% constituted the rest.

“A total of 3,334 vehicles were involved in road traffic crashes in Q2 2020. Car is reported to be the major type of vehicle involved in road crashes and it accounted for 28% of the vehicles involved in road crashes reported followed by motorcycle and minibus as they both accounted for 24% and 15% respectively,” the report said.

Commercial vehicles numbering 2,124 were involved in crashes just as 1,166 private ones. 44 government vehicles also recorded collision.

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