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After US, Nigerian govt may seek China’s help to tackle insecurity



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Mohammad Dingyad, the Minister of Police Affairs, has assured Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria of the federal government’s

willingness to partner China to enhance security in the country.

He stated this during a courtesy visit by the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun to the Ministry’s Headquarters in Abuja.

In a statement signed by Bolaji Kazeem head press unit on Wednesday, the Minister expressed optimism on the partnership with China.

“The entire world is much aware that Nigeria is facing serious security problems and there is the need to work together to improve the security situation in the country,” the minister was quoted as having said.

“As you are aware of terrorism and banditry in the North East, Northwest, North Central, and a secessionist movement in the South East, kidnapping and other criminal activities going on, unfortunately, Nigeria is not the only country facing these problems in Africa, our neighboring countries also share in these problems with us”.

Dingyad also noted that with the support of the international communities, Nigeria should be able to solve these problems and extend solutions to neigbouring sister countries adding that the most important thing is to succeed in the security reforms agenda set for the country by Mr. President.

Dingyadi also reiterated that the issue of security cannot be separated from poverty and unemployment and noted the federal government’s effort to reduce the situation through poverty alleviation programs and the creation of opportunities for youths in the various sectors of the economy to curb a drift to criminal activities.

The Minister pointed out that government is making efforts to boost and motivate the morale of the security personnel to actualize their responsibility to the citizens as they have sworn to maintain peace, protect and secure the country despite the recent activities that tend to lower their morale in discharging their duties.

He added that the government has started the process to reactivate the CCTV project base on Public-Private Partnership through the selection of concessioner among the private organizations that bided for the project and the concessioner has started working to resuscitate the CCTV project.

Dingyadi reiterated the need to work closely to ensure that more infrastructure, investment, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) technologies and security equipment/training programme as well as industries into the country to create more employment opportunities, security and reduce poverty in the country.

The Minister noted that security of lives and properties is the responsibility of everybody and the need to share information and intelligence gathering that would enable security agencies to respond better to situations in the future.

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For the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Cui Jianchun, China and Nigeria have a long history of diplomatic relationship for the past 50 years and there is the need to work together to improve bilateral relations and intelligence sharing.

He said his priority is to build a strategy for both countries to work together in the political field, economy, and military cooperation, Information and Communication Technology, security, people-to-people ties and to improve the infrastructure of the country.

In his words, “I want to emphasize priority areas, the first is infrastructure, how can we improve the infrastructure of the country? The second is about Information and Communication Technology (ICT), China is taking the lead in 5G technology and really has a great impact in every way of life and industries as well as value-added industries. I think both countries can work together to bring more investment”.

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