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Ashley Madison site users may have committed suicide



It’s never going to be easy cheating online again. Hackers calling themselves Impact Team are dumping the names of users of Ashley Madison site – a website providing services for married people who want to have an affair – have caused an uproar that is not going away quickly as it took its first major victims completely out of the picture.
Two Ashley Madison site users’ suicides may be connected to the hack and one of them was a police captain.
According to a report, two people have taken their own lives after their details were leaked by the Ashley Madison hackers. Captain Michael Gorhum, who served for 25 years with the San Antonio Police Department in Texas, was named as one of the suicide victims.
And the Canadian police has confirmed a second suicide of a person also believed to have been using the extramarital affairs website.
Police are investigating to see if the deaths are as a direct result of the leak of Ashley Madison users.

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The website has now offered a $500,000 bounty to anyone who names the hackers and helps police secure a conviction against them.
The death of Capt Gorhum in San Antonio, Texas, came just days after his official email address was linked to an Ashley Madison account.
One of his colleagues posted a moving tribute on Facebook, saying:
Rest in Peace Captain Mike Gorhum. You truly are one of the guys I’ve most respected in my Law Enforcement Career, no task too big, no goal too lofty.
‘Never met a stranger, never backed down, always had your partner’s back or, when you were in charge, your Officer’s back. Whatever it was, I wish one of us could have reached you, could have told you, “regardless, it will be OK”.
‘Love you Mike. This is a hard day. God bless you, and your Family and the Department.’

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