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Beyond competition, new digital school Traindemy might have to learn from Alearnko to scale

New online learning platform, Traindemy, which relatively runs similarly to Alearnko, is currently garnering reviews from product testers and analysts as it thrusts into the digital learning space.

Like Alearnko, it launched to facilitate the acquisition of vocational trainings and applied skills via video tutorial hostings, and the provision of tailored instructional resources on divergent courses.

Although Traindemy, upon its promotional launch on January 16, guns to be the next-rated go-to space for anyone nursing to acquire basic practical skills, the Traindemy team might have to learn or borrow market insights from the Alearnko crew, who have been playing and building similar product for a longer time.

In the span of its existance, Alearnko has learnt that building a digital product that features “practical and simplified multimedia-based courses” might not be enough. And, that what matters is the product’s addressable market, bordering on how large this basic parameter is.

Unlike Udemy, Coursera, etc, where the global patronage is promising, a product limiting its scope to Africans might not hit the target quite soon for a number of reasons.

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Traindemy must know that Africans are just waking up to harness tech and that for this reason, it’s product might be far scaling any time soon. As it described itself, to have “been designed specifically for Africans that are within the middle to low income range” just so must it expect some typical African laxities.

Like all online study platforms, where users can register and have access to a wide array of courses that they can purchase and learn at their own pace, lack of cheap internet facility by their proposed users might be another major setback.

Hence, as Alearnko pushes on to see its African school-in-the-cloud platform scale, Traindemy might have to take cue or understudy trends to record any leap.

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