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Buhari orders release of 10000 tons of wheat to tame food prices



Buhari orders release of 10000 tons of wheat to tame food prices

President Buhari on Sunday ordered the release of 10000 tons of wheat from the country’s strategic reserves to tame rising food prices.

“President Buhari has ordered the release of 10,000 tons of grain from the National Strategic Grains Reserve to check food price increases,” his office said.

Nigeria faces its worst economic crisis in decades fueled by a collapse in crude oil prices.

The country’s annual inflation rose to a near four-year high of 12.8 percent in March from 11.4 percent in February, driven by a rise in food prices.
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In the tweet, President Buhari ordered the agriculture ministry to assist “all able-bodied men and women” living in camps for people displaced by the jihadist Boko Haram group to return “immediately” to farming, it said.

The ruling All progressives Congress (APC) has struggled to deliver on its election promises nearly one year after it won the presidential poll. The administration says it remains very optimistic about meeting the expectations of Nigerians, hoping that the economy will enjoy a rebound as soon as the President Buhari ascents the 2016 budget.


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