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Celebs lash out at activities of ‘Yahoo boys’

Celebs lash out at activities of ‘Yahoo boys’

The trio of Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti, rapper Eldee tha Don and Noble Igwe, the Chief executive officer of 360group have all lashed out at the activities on cyber criminals better known in local parlance as ‘Yahoo Yahoo boys’.

Weighing-in on the recent arrest 12 suspected internet fraudsters and the recovery of 10 cars after a raid on Club 57 in Ikoyi, Lagos, by men of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Seun Kuti said he wonders why Nigerian’s can’t express our success outside of white validation.

He wrote on Facebook; “Wetin yahoo boy dey take money do? No be to buy expensive white man things? Lol. If they weren’t busy buying White man drink but building their communities maybe just maybe, I will see dem but I don’t. Steal white man’s money and the only way u can express that wealth is too seek validation by consuming the most expensive white man things and u say u are a Gee?

“All Yahoo boys are Mugus for whitey still, dem be learner. Wait that 100k u used 3 months to set the job how long did it take Gucci to collect it back? MUGU. Until we can express our success outside of white validation thru their brands and luxury items of status and class, U STILL BE MUGU.”

In the same vein, rapper Eldee who admitted that his song “big boy” unwittingly contributed to the decay posted on Twitter saying our insatiable need for acceptance and regard in our society drives much of how we perceive ourselves and the decisions we make in our daily lives.

“We have a society that today finds justification for corruption, armed robbery and fraud…because it doesn’t matter anymore how you get it, just get it, and for no other reason than to flaunt it.

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“I made the song “big boy” and unwittingly contributed to the decay…I know better today.

“Poverty has a strong impact on our self-esteem as a people. The need to fill a low self-esteem gap with material things is what has led our society as a whole to where we are today.

“Our insatiable need for acceptance and regard in our society drives much of how we perceive ourselves and the decisions we make in our daily lives.

“And because of that, our perception of who we are and what we are worth has become one of our most basic human needs, right after food, and security,” Eldee stated.

Noble Igwe also added his voice when he took to Twitter to call on the EFCC to arrest more internet fraudsters.

Noble posted on the social media platform saying: “Record label Estate/ Property Business Car Selling business The Above are major 419 /fraud fronts in Nigeria.

“EFCC needs to have a waiter stationed at every club within Lekki & VI. After last night, club owners are going to record low sales and Uber drivers will be busy tonight.

“Online stores and stores on Admiralty/Fola Osibo are used for money laundering.

“Armed robbers on Instagram are regarded as G boys but in reality, theirs a different type of stealing.

“People steal and then turn around to blame the government for making them criminals.

“Anyone that defends a criminal is a criminal and while we have a list for people advocating rape culture, we should also have one for such people,” he recommended.



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