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Constitution Review: Buhari to get amendments in bits –Lasun



Constitution Review: Buhari to get amendments in bits –Lasun

The House of Representatives may have found a way around the protracted constitution review exercise being carried out by the National Assembly.

It has adopted a new method of sending the amended versions of the 1999 Constitution in piece meal through different related bills to President Muhammadu Buhari, for assent.

According to the House, this new approach is meant to avoid the mistakes made by the 7th Assembly, in which the then President Goodluck Jonathan withheld his assent based on the alleged error on a particular section.

The new move was suggested the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Lasun Yusuf, who chairs the Ad-hoc Committee on the Review of 1999 Constitution.

According to a statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Speaker, Wole Oladimeji, the House had concluded plans to carry out the alteration piece meal instead of codifying it in a single bill which would be easy to trash, if there was one or two errors.

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The statement further said with the new system to be embarked upon before the end of the 8th assembly, all the sections of the constitution that needs to be amended would have been concluded and assented to by the President.

Yusuf said: “Resources and efforts were committed to the review of the constitution, members of the committee and all the professionals hired to assist travelled round the country to collate views of Nigerians and at the end of the day, the report of the exercise was thrown out and ended in the dust bin, this is not good for the nation.”



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