Aspirant threatens INEC with court suit if it fails to disqualify all APC candidates

Agada Ikechukwu…

True words are not defined by the volume of a man’s voice, but by the consequences of his choices. The wild storm starts with a raindrop as dark clouds gather from one wisp.It sprouts like a random shoot erupting at the base of an oak-tree.

The tempo of the polity went octaves higher when the Chief Law Officer was kicked out unconstitutionally. Saying that Nigeria’s democracy is under threats is akin to agreeing that the sun rises from the east. Buried are the madcap years when people feign non-interest in the political game. People want to view the resume of the gladiators in the ring.

The unceremonious removal of the law leader red-flagged our democracy and literally set the blogosphere on fire, unsettled many Nigerians and the international community prompting accelerated intervention. Many sneered and sniggered wondering what theatrics the sponsors are conjuring. Like the proverbial merchant of Sicily, driven by inordinate lust to take power by proxy, the plotters cared no hoot the reaction of the masses and the possible consequences of that action few weeks to the elections.

The bitter truth is that this development will shape the outcome of the election. The take home message to this action is that in the present Nigeria political space, the executive has no respect for the sanctity of the sacred temple of justice according to the spirit and letters of the constitution, same goes to the National Assembly. The legal framework for seeking redress has been destroyed via the missiles on the judiciary. The forces behind the assault on judiciary are at it again, solidifying the EFCC clamp down on some target political foes in the countdown to the general elections.

Despite the torrents of criticism that welcomed the action, the script writers became clever by half by making some provocative comments that will not only take our democracy through south but scare foreign investors from investing in Nigeria. They have also technically prevented the First Lady from granting interviews and campaigning to avoid opening more can of worms. There might be shutdown of internet services and communication access to frustrate some stakeholders and international community from monitoring the elections.

The “Presidential Election” remains the “Catch”. Some forces are scheming to endanger our democracy via proxy rulership. This election will expose the underbellies of the real enemies of Nigeria.This is not the time to speak tongue-in-cheek. This is the time to shed conservative toga and preach peace and unity as the forthcoming elections ticks. The movement of a cabal arranged partisan police officer to Kwara State shows that the new Sheriff in town is about to replicate the Ekiti and Osun charade which he supervised.

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Do not take laws into your hands no matter the level of provocation. Violence is never the solution to any challenge. Vote, defend your vote by employing wisdom and knowledge not fighting. It is unpatriotic not to cast your vote even in the face of excruciating stress that the masses are going through collecting PVC, resulting in thousands of uncollected PVCs. Make use of the two-day window to get yours to discourage taking them to CBN where the integrity might be compromised.

The new media is an avenue for communicating vital information not your voting centre. Resist any attempt to complain from the comfort of your living room when you have not done the needful. Disregard any advice encouraging voter apathy because you cannot have leadership of your choice if you don’t exercise your civic responsibility. Everything remains permanent in a position or in a constant motion unless propelled by an external force according to the gospel of inertia.

Reject any mouth watering offer to use you as a thug to cause election violence; that is the major politics behind ASUU protracted strike, so students can be readily available to be used for electioneering campaigns and underhand voting runs but alas,it was relaxed to avoid protest votes from the already charged student union leaders. Go out and vote candidates of your choice because the level of participation in the electoral process is directly proportional to the expected outcome. Deploy your various handles to preach violence free elections based on some embargoed information.

Nigeria is a blessed nation and cannot afford to risk her hard earned democracy which took our founding fathers years to gain. Our founding fathers sacrifice cannot be allowed to spirit away on the table of violence. Vote buying is a debasement of the ballot system, so do not subscribe to selling yours under any guise. Despite desperate attempts to rig the elections by some elements; “Power belongs to God”. He Has the final say.

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We are an online newspaper, very passionate about Nigerian politics, business and their leaders. We dig deeper, without borders and without fears.

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