Culture of subjugating women was brought to Africa by westerners, Seun Kuti says (Video) | Ripples Nigeria
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Culture of subjugating women was brought to Africa by westerners, Seun Kuti says (Video)



Seun Kuti, the son of late Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti is of the opinion that the culture of subjugating women was brought to Africa by westerners.

According to Seun in a video clip, the westerners brought segregation with their schools which separated boys from girls even as he also debunked claims that westerners brought the civilization that ended some barbarism in Africa.

Seun also noted that the westerners also had their own barbarism which existed during the Inquisition period when many young girls and women were killed based on accusations that they were witches.

Recall that the ever vocal Seun, took to social media some months ago to comment on a matter that is really disturbing his conscience.

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The Afrobeat singer took to Instagram to bare his thoughts about buying expensive clothes for his kids saying he will no longer attempt it again as his children outgrow them quickly, which is a waste of money and also equal to second slavery.

“I remember this day very vividly. Never buying expensive clothes for my kids; can’t tell u how much I bought that effing dress she’s wearing. These brands are sucking the life out of black people!! The attachment to the ‘brand’ and ‘branding’ still has the same effect as slavery trust me.

“Gucci gang naaaah more like Gucci’s slave… Well back to my personal rant. Now I asked @chefyeide for it and she says. Haba she is four now she can’t fit in it anymore, whaaaaaaat really? For that price, this dress should grow with @adarakuti if that’s not the case GET THE SAX,” Seun wrote at the time.

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