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Difference between how men and women fall in love

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus was the highest selling book of non-fiction in the 1990s for good reason. When it comes to the initial stages of dating, surging endorphins and crazy-amazing s** (if you’re lucky), men and women have very different experiences.

Why? Falling in love for you isn’t the same as it is for a woman, and not just in how quickly you melt for her in certain ways and how much longer it takes you to feel connected in other ones.

Men and women are wired differently. Women are more emotive and intellectualise love more. Women can grow to love someone they were not initially attracted to, once they get to know the person. Men need the opposite.

So what are the biggest differences between the moments between I-just-met-you and I’m-in-love-with-you for the opposite sexes?

Below are five differences between how men and women fall in love…

Men Are Way More Physical: In a study commissioned by Medicis Aesthetics, 1,000 men and women were polled on many relationship questions – from marriage and divorce to physical attraction. What they found was that while looks mattered to both sexes, physical attraction was much more important for men especially. Men are initially attracted to women based on a physical connection and then grow to love the person.

Men Are More Impulsive: You’ve heard it before, but for men, when something is special about a woman, they’re quick to move the relationship forward. That’s why you’ll hear many people say that “a man’s light was on” when he decided to get married: once you make a decision about a person or you’re a time in your life that you’re ready for something serious, you’re all in. It’s all about timing. Women are a little more analytical about everything and will often think through the relationship’s longevity more thoroughly than you will. By nature, men can act more impulsively when they feel something, where women need to be more certain and cautious.

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Men Are More Focused On Passion: Though your girlfriend may send you dirty texts when she’s in the mood to have s**, for you, having intense gotta-have-you feelings are always at the forefront of your mind. Research suggests that men’s perspective on love often focuses heavily on the passionate aspects of being in love more than the emotional stability and supportive aspects.

Men Value Fun More: While it’s true that a man who makes a woman laugh will likely be someone she is more attracted to, women are also logical about love: they want to know that someone has a good head on their shoulders, just as much as they want to make sure they can keep it up in the bedroom. Men want a partner who can be relaxed, laid back and have fun with them, without thinking or analysing the details too often.

Men Are Less Likely To Share Feelings In The Beginning: If nothing freaks you out more than “I wanted to tell you” or “I have something to talk to you about”, you’re not alone and you’re totally normal. In the beginning stages of falling in love, you may be thinking about all sorts of things (like how she could even be your wife one day) – but you aren’t exactly ready to start sharing those feelings.

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