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E.K. Clark – a dinosaur speaks

By Joseph Edgar … .

Cowardice has no age limits. You can find cowards amongst all age grades. Young cowards can be managed as they have time to change in their nefarious ways but cowardice above 80 is really sad, for they would have wasted a whole lifetime doing what they know best which is hiding behind the cupboard and allowing men face the challenges of life.
I dare say E.K. Clark has never been on my list of heroes or those to be taken seriously by any breath. His latest statement on Jonathan only goes as far as reaffirming my fear that he would go to his grave with this attitude missing the opportunity even at the twilight of his career to redeem himself and attempt a last minute grasp for relevance.
He has stated that Jonathan was too gentlemanly to fight corruption. Hmmm, this statement is not only laughable but pitiable at the same time. Students of recent history would remember how to Clark, Jonathan was the best thing since sliced bread. He could do no wrong and in fact Clark was the de facto Minister of Information in that regime and the anointed father to the President.

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This turnaround is a classic example of how not to choose a godfather. I am sure Jonathan would just be ruing his decision to take this dinosaur seriously. Giving him the platform to regain national relevance which he had lost since the first republic.
It is this same Jonathan that is all of a sudden a ‘gentleman’ and a weakling. Na wa. He has left PDP, good riddance I dare say and thankfully stopped short of joining the APC. I think history will not be kind to Clark, I think when the records would be set on these times he would not really get a memorable mention.
I do not understand why we do not care about our legacies. We do not care about how history will judge us, we live our lives with no care missing all the opportunity that fate gives us to rewrite our wrongs and better position ourselves for better mention in the annals of history. All these are just English to people like Clark who even in the last chapters of their lives still prefer to play the myopic politics that remains self serving and annoying to say the least.

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