El Rufai and his terrible job

El-Rufai/Atiku fight breaks open, rocks APC foundation

By Joseph Edgar… El Rufai, Governr of Kaduna State has always been an enigma. I read his book, The Reluctant Civil Servant, where he, as blunt as ever, delivered some of the most caustic nuances on the Nigerian state and some of its political actors.

Just this evening, he has come again with the notion that the wise job in today’s Nigeria is to be a State Governor. I believe him especially if you have to take into cognisance that they have to live in beautiful state Houses, go around in a convoy, enjoy the best that estacode can give to them on foreign travels, amongst other perks.

Much is not expected of these breed except to sit down every month and wait for the federal allocation to share and pay salaries and also to keep as security votes. That is why the job is very rough now because of the massive cut in allocation and since no creativity or revenue generating skill is required for this very terrible job, the Governor joins the masses in lamenting. He sees the job as terrible and the worst kind of job in the country. Up until today I thought the worse kinds of jobs belonged to the fetcher’s of water and hewer of wood but certainly not a State Givernor.

This statement has ripped open the kind of people we have elected or selected in some cases. Challenges of governance are meant to be solved and not seen as an excuse to give such a label. Governors are expected to utilize the best human capacity to tackle the myriad of problems that beset the States they govern, harnessing resources with noble strategies and policies aimed at delivering strong governance to their people.

But what we see today are very funny people who got to this highly exalted positions through some funny doors, lacking in requisite intelligence to assemble the best team to tackle the issues they face. They instead jump vigorously into politics, singing the praise of the central power if they belong to the ruling parties or like in the case of Ekiti become the main opposition voice instead of concentrating these energies on seeking solutions.

My Oga, what we have now is not the worst job but the worst set of Governors we have been lucky to have especially at this time of crumbling economic indices. What we have seen are actors who wallow in political jamborees rather than settle down and see how they can boost IGR instead of waiting for the ever decreasing federal allocation.

So my dear Excellency, your job is not that bad, come and try my own and then you will now understand the true meaning of suffering. Please don’t let me laugh.

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