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#EndSARS: This record is not over!



PDP,consensus candidate and its imminent failure

Finally, the backs of the teeming youth population have finally hit the wall. They have been brutalized, maligned, raped and rendered totally inconsequential. They have even been called lazy, amongst other good-for-nothing names.

The anger has been brewing, they have in their digital world continued to lament, complain while still struggling to eke out a tired subsistence living. Do not get me wrong, every other generation has been treated with the same odium. This is Nigeria, the land that devours its youth. It chews them up and spits them into the cesspit that is life in this dreary land. It is very difficult almost impossible to be optimistic about one’s future in this giant land of the blind.

But the difference this time has been clear. This generation of young people are by no means zombies like the ones before them who trudged along within the dictates of a mad forerunner. They told us to read stiff curriculum in school for those of us that were even lucky to go to school. They showed us the road to perfidy and we stubbornly refused to liberate ourselves. We were trained and prepared for slavish docility and we stayed on that path. Growing up to be no better than morons and trying to entrench the stupidlty that is adulthood in Nigeria.

In our madness, we brought up the next generation. We tried to instill in them the mumufied ethos that our fathers who still rule us instilled in us or how do you explain Muhammadu Buhari being President today when he was Petroleum Minister in my primary school days, and I am in my 50s. The idiotic ethos we were brought up with failed to resonate in today’s youths and they rebelled.

First in their culture, they stopped combing their hair, designed a new language which only them understand and threw up a totally different social mores that wielded them together far and above the shallow prisms of tribalism, religion that continue to bedevil our nation.

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In building a new super structure, they built a new economy leveraging on technology and throwing up the Arts and service, plus trade as a bridge to economic freedom and fulfilment. These ones are not queuing up at the petroleum ministry of oil blocs, they will not throw up the ethnic cards when they miss the biggest contract at the Niger Delta Ministry. No, that pandemic in errant stupidity was left for their fathers.

They are not interested in the wooden professions that was the gilt-edge pass to upper society in our days. A Doctor? Lawyer or wait for it an Engineer? No, that was not for them. Some of them obeyed their hackneyed parents, went and got the paper qualifications and then tossed them into the dustbin and went into photography and modelling. They have built empires that continue to confound the rest of us. They have built sectors single handedly and thrown the notion that you need political power for economic control into the dustbin.

They have their own negatives too, as they have created some left-handed members. The so-called Yahoo boys, the ones who trade their bodies on the net and all sort of other illegal things but this will not take the shine from them.

So, today they control sectors that are worth trillions of Naira, they push influence globally and astound the capitalist mandarins of Wall Street. While the Blacks and other minorities of the world are complaining about racism, our youths are breaking into hallowed halls reserved for the very tiny clique of global elites. The Queen of England is giving them Awards, the Grammys and Oscars are celebrating them, they are taking pride of place in sports, movies, economy and even in politics internationally, and are forcing respect on themselves.

Only the dragons who rule us do not understand the force they unleash but instead call them lazy and refuse to exploit their strength. Today they have shown just a little of what they can do and SARS is gone. The system is shaking and the leaders are throwing their Sanwo-Olu who in age is a little bit nearer them to pacify them.

What is left is for an ideological leaning for this uprising and a deliberate redirection towards the democratic political process and it’s all over for the stane age clay footed Egyptian Mummies who have been ruling us. Once the youths can turn their eyes towards the political process and leverage technology the way they have done economically, the process will be cleansed and we just may begin to see the Nigeria we never thought we will see in our lifetimes.

The process has just begun and the record is definitely not over yet.

Author: Joseph Edgar…

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