Ex-Gov Shema’s aide sings, says he has evidence his boss stole
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Ex-Gov Shema’s aide sings, says he has evidence his boss stole billions from Sure-P 




An Aide to Ibrahim Shema, former governor of Katsina Sate, Nasir Ingawa, on Saturday claimed he has evidence to prove his claim that his former boss fraudulently diverted billions of SURE-P funds for political campaign.

Ingawa, had approached Justice Muhammad Siraj-led Commission of enquiry, set up by the current government of Governor Aminu Masari, alleging that the former governor defrauded the state of Sure-P funds running into billions of naira.

The commission is investigating the misuse of the N5.7 billion Sure-P fund that accrued to the state.

Shema, in his reply to the allegation denied diverting billions of SURE-P funds meant for developmental projects to electoral campaigns. He said the claim by his former aide was politically motivated as he is being used by the present government to nail him and challenged him to show evidence of his claims.

However, Ingawa, in a letter addressed to Shema reiterated his claims and readiness to show evidence of the former governor’s alleged fraudulent use of Sure-P funds, adding that he had no regrets revealing how the money that was meant for developmental projects for the state, was allegedly stolen.

Part of his letter reads, “Your Excellency Sir, I hope you are holding up well since we last met and I hope this piece meets you in the best of spirit. I am shattered and heartbroken that I personally have to write this rejoinder, but considering the fact that you have decided to bring yourself so low to attacking my personality and that of my respectable father, you have left me with no choice but to give you a piece of my mind (with all due respect, Sir).

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“Firstly, it is with utmost displeasure that I saw your response to my allegations made at the Justice Suraj Mohammed lead Judicial Panel of Enquiry in Katsina on Wednesday August 24, 2016. Knowing the person that you are, I certainly knew you would deny the allegations, but they still remain the bitter truth.

“Your Excellency Sir, the allegations are on record and I stand by them anywhere anytime, not because they will vindicate or implicate me, but simply because they shall stand the test of time as the truth (in this world and the hereafter).

“So please note that I will not be retracting my statements and if your intention is to threaten me and others that are yet to testify, it will not work!”

Ingawa was a former Special Adviser to governor Shema on Sure-P.



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