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Ezekwesili’s son dares Omojuwa in war of word with mother



Ezekwesili: Pour La Patrie Ou La Mort!

The son is former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili, Chuba, has waded into the war of words raging between his mother and social media influencer, Japhet Omojuwa, in the past few days.

In a series of tweets on his Twitter account with the handle @ChubaEze, late on Wednesday, Chuba dared Omojuwa to show evidence of where his mother gave her consent to be a director in Omojuwa’s PR company, Alpha Reach, as being claimed by him (Omojuwa and his lawyers.

“It’s fascinating watching you @Omojuwa do your best to avoid taking responsibility,” Chuba wrote in one of the tweets.

In other posts, he wrote:

“You’ve still not shown any document that indicates she signed or gave you any consent. You took @obyezeks name & tried to use it for your gain & lied when it came out.

“You can try to obfuscate with all these shalaye you’ve done @omojuwa, but you’re yet to do this simple task – show evidence that she gave you consent and that she was aware you made her a director in your company. It’s that simple – show us all your evidence.

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“There have been many like you @omojuwa over the years who have thought they could use mom’s kindness and love for Nigeria to profit. You all think you got away with it, but we can assure you that this isn’t how the story ends.

“I’m grateful for the actions you’ve taken so far because it will be to our benefit. You will be an example to others that no one ever bullies the Ezekwesili family. No one. Hi @omojuwa. You can block me, but you can’t block @officialEFCC.”

The face-off between Omojuwa and Ezekwesili came about when an international media platform, Buzzfeed, exposed how some Nigerian social media influencers, including Alpha Reach, a public relations firm owned by Omojuwa, were paid huge amounts of money to run a campaign in support of Alex Saab, an alleged money launderer for the Nicolas Maduro-led Venezuelan government, who is currently fighting extradition to the United States from Cape Verde.

There were also allegations that Ezekwesili and Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai were directors in the company.

Following the revelation, the former Minister threatened to sue Omojuwa for “unauthorised use of her name as a director of the company without her consent.”

However, on Wednesday, Omojuwa broke his silence over the issue and in a four-page letter written in response to the threat by his lawyers, he insisted that Ezekwesili was a director of the firm and that her consent was sought and obtained before listing her as one of the company’s directors in 2012.

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