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Facebook launches new college student-only social network, Facebook Campus



Mark Zuckerberg-led social media company, Facebook, has reportedly launched a new platform to connect college students, codenamed Facebook Campus.

The new offering, according to product analysts, takes Facebook a decade back to its roots when it initially launched as a networking platform chiefly for students in the U.S.

In the announcement, today, Facebook noted that the new platform would offer college students a private place to connect with classmates, join groups, discover upcoming campus events, get updates from their school’s administration and chat with other students from their dorm, clubs or any other campus group.

Speaking on the adaptation of the development, Facebook further stated that the new platform requires a school email address (@.edu) to join and would live within a dedicated section of the Facebook app.

For a tab, however, the product would be accessible at the bottom of the screen or from the “More” menu alongside sections like Watch, Dating, Gaming, News, Marketplace and others.

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Facebook product manager, Charmaine Hung, who confirmed the launch, said Facebook’s intent was to create a product that would connect classmates and ease communication.

He said: “We wanted to create a product where it was easy for classmates to meet each other, foster new relationships and also easily start conversations.”

“And we really think that Campus is more relevant than ever right now. With COVID-19, we see that many students aren’t returning to campus in the fall.

“Now, classes are being held online and students are trying to react to this new normal of what it’s like to connect to clubs and organizations that you care about, when you’re not together,” she remarked.

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