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Fayemi counsels youths on how to entrench good governance



Fayemi Kayode

The Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi has urged the Nigerian youth to ensure the entrenchment of democratic ideals by demanding absolute accountability from their leaders and politicians at all levels.

Fayemi made this call on Saturday during his speech at the Platform, a programme facilitated and hosted by the Senior Pastor of Covenant Nation, Poju Oyemade.

The Governor also cautioned youths against online criticism of government officials while suggesting ward and local government participation as a panacea to the gap between all stakeholders.

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“I am not talking about the Twitter revolution here. many of our young ones are used to attacking ministers and governors on social media, they should rather go to the wards, your communities and challenge what they are doing there, hold them accountable, if you don’t do that you may never know those who are committed to transforming the society and mean well for the people. but meaning well isn’t enough one needs a critical map,” Fayemi opined.

Furthermore, Fayemi advocated for an all-inclusive government where the civil society and political society dichotomy is erased.

“There should not be a dichotomy of civil society and political society we must find a way to ensure they work together to have an inclusive society,” he said.

By Mayowa Oladeji…

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