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’Fear not and speak truth to power’, Fani-Kayode tells TY Danjuma



With all the scandals, 'do you still believe Buhari is Mr. Clean and APC is a party of angels?'- Fani-Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has again tackled the former Minister of Defence, Lt.-Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (retd.), over a recent statement.

Danjuma had last Thursday, while commenting on the state of the country’s affairs, said Nigerians would no longer sleep if he revealed what was happening in the country.

“In Yorubaland, everybody seems to have lost their voice, scared. And people appear not to care about what is happening. If I tell you what I know that is happening in Nigeria today, you will no longer sleep,” he had said.

Danjuma also added that, “We are in a big hole as a nation. And people who put us in this hole have continued today. So, we’ve to wake up. Only we can save ourselves.”

In his initial reaction, Fani-Kayode had called on Danjuma to give details of whatever he knew about Nigeria before it was too late.

“Would someone please tell Gen. T.Y. Danjuma that if he wants to talk he should talk!

“Nigerians have already lost their sleep! We are already a vassal state being run by crude barbarians and we have nothing to lose.

“He should talk now before it is too late or forever hold his peace!”

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Taking to his verified Twitter handle @realFFK on Sunday, Fani-Kayode wrote an open letter to Danjuma saying:

“Dear Gen. T.Y. Danjuma,

“You still can’t find the balls to speak the truth & yet you are complaining about others?

“You, more than any other, helped put the north in power on July 29th 1966.

“You also supported Buhari in 2015. Speak NOW & free us from the bondage that you put us in.”

Fani-Kayode, who claims that the nation has lost so much that it does not have anything more to lose, says, “We have nothing to lose anymore. We have lost it all already: our nation, our freedom, our dignity, our honor and our self-esteem.

“The only thing that we have left to fear is fear itself and death: yet to die is Christ and to live is gain!”

He then urged, “FEAR NOT and speak truth to power!”

He added, “We must be bold enough to speak the truth and the truth is that Buhari is not our main problem, but all those who colluded with him & conspired to put him in power in 2015.

“We warned them over and over again, yet they insisted on putting a beast in power. Now they are complaining!”

He went ahead to name those who, he believed, put President Muhammadu Buhari in office, accusing them of demonstrating “poor judgment.”

Due to their poor judgement, hundreds of thousands have been killed in 4 years.

“That blood cries to God in Heaven for vengeance.”

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