Foreign terrorists invading Nigeria as herdsmen
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Foreign terrorists invading Nigeria as herdsmen



Foreign terrorist invading Nigeria as herdsmen

Sa’ad Abubakar III, Sultan of Sokoto, has said that Nigerian Fulani herdsmen are peace loving, law abiding and do not go about with guns.

According to him, the herdsmen who move about with guns, causing violence and fighting with farmers, who are often referred to as Fulanis, are not Nigerians.

He said they are foreigners and terrorists and should be treated as such.

The monarch and spiritual leaders of Muslims in Nigeria stated this in his Eid el-Kabir message.

He said, “The Nigerian herdsmen are very peace-loving and law-abiding. The so-called Fulani herdsmen moving with guns, causing violence, fighting with farmers are not Nigerians.

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“Foreigners are the ones coming into Nigeria to cause a breach of the peace. They are therefore terrorists and should be treated as such by the Nigerian security agencies.

While he accepted that sometimes misunderstanding exists between Nigerian herdsmen and farmers, he cautioned that such disagreement should be resolved with dialogue.

“Nigeria will continue to lag behind if there is no peace and unity. Our diversity should be our strength and God has not made a mistake by creating us with diverse differences,” he said.

He advised Nigerians to return to farms as a means of overcoming the present economic recession in the country, adding that the people should be more productive rather than depend on government to solve all their problems.

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