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Fuel scarcity: I remain calm



Nigeria still imports toxic fuel, UNEP laments

By Joseph Edgar . . .
I am calmly asking for the resignation of Dr. Ibe Kachikwu. The simple reason is that despite all the noise the round tripping that is fuel scarcity has befallen us again, this time with a much more brutal vengeance than the past.
I drove slowly around the Lagos mainland to monitor things before writing this piece and all I saw was pure suffering, racketeering and in some places violence. Nigerians have been turned to animals, running around with kegs looking for fuel to buy. The country is grinding to a standstill.
The most annoying thing here is that, it is the same statements that the PDP led governments gave for their own crises that this government of change is mouthing. Where is the revolutionary thinking that is expected to take us out of the abyss of convoluting fuel crises? This is sheer madness.

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We are not removing the subsidy and yet the item is being sold at crazy God forsaken prices. I hear by December, N1 trillion would have been spent this year on subsidy, subsidizing scarcity. Ibe, please you need to sit up or otherwise take a hike. It’s just not working.
Oil prices are dropping by the minute but the price of fuel is inversely going up. What kind of voodoo economics is this? Why can’t we fully deregulate this thing and free up the much needed cash for Fashola to use in his daunting task of giving us infrastructure and power.
Well people are suffering. The queues are hellish, the violence is scary and yet we have a government that has purportedly spent billions on a fleet of private jets.
The people can only endure for so long. I think the call for real change would soon be heard. This time, it will not be a change based on trumped up ideals meant to serve as a tired vehicle to grasp power but true people led change.
Till then, I’m on the queue.

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