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Sam Omatseye’s attack on Pa Ayo Adebanjo

By Remi Oyeyemi

““The truth is, if you want to kill me and I have a chance first, I will kill you, or you do want people to be killed and not defend themselves?”
– Ango Abdullahi, a former Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, and spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum, defending the wanton killings of Nigerians by his Fulani tribesmen in the Daily Post of February 18, 2018.

There has been in circulation for some time now, a purported “TIMELY WARNING TO NIGERIANS” by one “Omar Bangura”. The man, reportedly, is from Sierra Leone. Yes, Sierra Leone, a country that had its people at each other’s throats in a civil war that eventually became internecine, for a fairly long time. Eleven years, he called it.

It is not clear if the name “OMAR BANGURA”, is a real name or a “Pen Name.” It is not clear if he is a ghost or not. It is not clear if he actually sent his “warning” from Sierra Leone or Sokoto or Kano. There is no evidence one way or the other. His amorphism titanicised the task of responding to his sociologically contaminating, religiously reeking and politically dangerous platitudes.

Though, the man “BANGURA”, purportedly wrote from Sierra Leone, his name is more of a Guinean, the country that harbours the said origin of the Fulani, Futa Jalon. But because of the close proximity of both countries, Guinea and Sierra Leone, there is a possibility that the man “BANGURA” could have come from the latter rather than the former. Hence, this would not be dwelled upon, but it is important to put it on the table.

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This is moreso because his purported “warning” sounded more from Sokoto than from Sierra Leone. The reason for this assumption, no matter how controversial it might be, would soon be clear to the readers. But regardless, allowing disinformation and misinformation to fester without let or hindrance, could be devastating to any polity, with far reaching consequences that could outstrip anyone’s imagination.

In the so called “warning”, he, the man “Bangura”, had rightfully so, advised against “inciting hate.” He warned that when “a real civil war starts”, it would end up being a matter of “regret.” He then proceeded to give examples of countries that have been torn apart by wars. To be exact, he said the following:

“The worst conflicts are those based on tribal and religious differences. See Central Africa, Bosnia, South Sudan and Rwanda. To have a better knowledge of this, please watch the documentary/movie called “Hotel Rwanda” or “Sometime in April”.

Before I am maliciously tagged a “war monger”, it is important to put things in proper perspective. The content of the piece, in question, reportedly penned by “OMAR BANGURA”, in my own opinion, is a form of propaganda to scare people into the permanence of servitude, slavery, subjugation and inaction. The primary objective of this “OMAR BANGURA”, assumedly a Fulani himself, going by his name, is to psychologically tie up other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria into an enduring passivity that would deprive them the necessary ability to appropriately respond and put an end to the heinous desire of the Fulani to take their land.

Even, if he was not a Fulani, it would still not have mattered. This is because his “advice” is satanic, luciferous, and dangerous to the continued preservation of our FREEDOM and LIBERTY in the space called Nigeria. In addition, curiously, the man “Bangura” in his “counseling”, did not touch on the causes of the symptoms of what he was trying to “warn” against. He focused on “war” and its supposed consequences to preemptively undercut the WILL of other Nigerian ethnic groups to resist and fight back the Fulani neo – colonialists.

Conveniently, he did not touch on the injustices permeating the Nigerian polity. He was only advocating passivity in the face of persecution. He was only advocating for peace in the absence of justice. He was advocating quiet and easy acquiescence with servitude, subjugation, slavery, exploitation and deprivation of all Nigerian ethnic nationalities to the prowling Fulani hegemonists. He has no word of advice for or encouragement to the victims on how to resist the Fulani inspired bloodthirsty Miyetti Allah, which someone described as a “privileged terrorist organization.”

One’s questions to the phantom person called “OMAR BANGURA” and those Nigerians who uncritically, undissectingly and unquestioningly, are circulating this faux pas are these:

a) In what way or ways is Nigeria currently different from Rwanda or any war torn country?

b) Is Nigeria not currently in a war situation, even if it is unofficial?

c) What needs to happen for Nigerians to readily accept that the war they are scared of is already on their doorsteps, devouring then?

Looking at Nigeria as we speak, one couldn’t see the difference between the gnashing of teeth in Rwanda and the gnashing of teeth in Nigeria. One couldn’t see the difference between the agonies in South Sudan and the agonies in Southern Kaduna. One couldn’t see the difference in the deluge of blood flow that occurred in Bosnia and the deluge of blood flowing in Benue State. One couldn’t see the difference in serial killings going on in Syria and the serial killings going on in Adamawa, Niger, Enugu, Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Osun, Kogi, Kwara, Edo, Bayelsa and River States as well as elsewhere!

Women, pregnant or not; children, including toddlers and infants; the elderly, the vulnerable and the innocent all are being butchered without let or hindrance. They are being murdered, in their homes, on their farms, on their lands, in their beds. The victims are being dismembered in gory, grossly and grim display of unfettered base and bestial inhumanity. Those not murdered are maimed for life. Their limbs and arms, cut off.

Some have their eyes plucked out, regardless of age. Severed private parts of fellow humans became play – toys for these marauding Fulani tribesmen. They rape wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts and nieces mercilessly and leave them traumatized for the rest of their lives. Their victims’ farms, homes and communities burnt to ashes and destroyed. Many heritages, destroyed and calcined. Cultures, cremated. Traditions, truncated. And many civilizations, cauterized.

So, where is the “peace” being used as the excuse to remain passive and not fight back? Where is the “peace” being taunted as the reason why war is not desirable? Where is the peace? We are already inundated with the symphonies of war accompanied by their chancy cymbals and licentious lyrics. Everywhere you turn, there are hymns and rhythms of war. The ceaseless carnage creeping across our land at the speed of light has created an atmosphere from which we consistently, breath the air of war.

No matter how much we are in denial, no matter how much we want to pretend otherwise, Nigeria is at war. All the appurtenances of war stare us in the face on daily basis. All the paraphernalia of war are in our communities, in our markets, in our farms, in our airports, in our secretariats, on our roads, on our radios, in our newspapers, on our televisions and all the social media. There is tension everywhere. There is insecurity all over. People could not go to farms during the day or night.

No one likes war. But as much as one does not like WAR, when WAR comes to one’s doorsteps, one has to fight it to stay alive. If anyone doubts this, he or she should ask the Southern Kaduna people. Ask the people of Benue. Ask the Agatus of Niger. Ask the people of Adamawa. Ask the people of Enugu. Ask the people of Lagos. Ask Chief Olu Falae. Ask Vice – Admiral Samuel Afolayan. And many others.

Those who refused to fight to defend themselves are dead. Those who allowed themselves to be sold on the duplicitous principle of passivity as advocated by Bangura, to avoid war, are dead. Those malleable enough to buy the deceitful Bangura sermonization of “peace” are dead. Those who were afraid of war have been consumed by the war they failed to take to their assailants but which their aggressive neo – colonizers have brought to them.

You and your people would be dead if you follow their footsteps and fail to DEFEND YOURSELVES. You and your people would be dead if you listen to the phantom “OMAR BANGURA, that probably does not exist. You and your people and your land would be gone if you fail to stand up now and apply the First Law of Nature, which is self preservation. Your children, if they survive, would end up being slaves to Fulani, if you fail to defend your land. This war is on. You either participate in it by standing up to defend yourselves, your children, your land or you become part of the statistics of Fulani victims.

Be clear about this: self defence, is not taking the Law into your own hands. It is not an equivalency of breaking the Law. They both do not compare because they are not one and the same. At least, you have read what Ango Abdullahi said about this. Protecting your family and your property is a primary obligation and expectation of existentialism. There is no other way about it. It is not open to any form of debate whatsoever. Life is an inalienable right to which all are entitled and primarily expected to protect, preserve and perpetuate.

The “Bangura” preachment on how to “save Nigeria” is a heinous social and political propaganda. It is a deliberate and subtle act of disinformation. It is a conscious and well calculated act of misinformation. It is a Goebbelic poison aimed at demobilising resistance to obvious quests to conquer all other Nigerian ethnic groups. It is aimed to lure the other ethnic groups into noctambulation and allow the Fulani land grabbers a free rein. It is what Jingo, our own Professor Dipo Fashina, would philosophically characterise as “an appeal to peace to foster willing acquiescence to slavery and servitude.”

If we really want to SAVE NIGERIA, it is time we meet force with force in obvious absence of a fair umpire in a Government that has refused to protect the rest of us, except as slaves to his Fulani tribesmen. It is time we defend our heritage. It is time we defend our land, our farms, our towns and villages. It is time we defend our mothers, sisters, daughters and others. It is time we defend our freedom and liberty before we are all enslaved and subjugated.

Anyone is free to call it WAR or whatever, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you should be alive and free from servitude to the Fulani or any group for that matter. What matters is that you are not slaves to the Fulani and their neo-colonial agenda. What matters is that your wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and nieces stay alive. What matters is that your pregnant women, your infants, your toddlers and the elderly are not butchered and are able to remain alive. What matters is that you remain free on your ancestral land. What matters is that your community remains alive and healthy, able to practice its beliefs and norms. What matters is that your heritage is protected.

According to the famous Prussian, Carl von Clausewitz, WAR is “the continuation of policy by other means.” Others have corrupted the statement to mean that WAR IS A CONTINUATION OF PEACE BY OTHER MEANS. And this is what the Fulani are doing in Nigeria. They are using unofficially declared war as a furtherance of their policy to take our land, subjugate us and rule over us. The Fulani policy, with its PULAKU philosophy, is to take our land. Pulaku, a word derived from “Pulaar”, a variation of one of the Fulani sub-languages, should be studied by all of us so that we know what we are dealing with and what is going on.

Ignore this phantom man called “OMAR BANGURA”. Stand up to defend your mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts and nieces. Stand up to defend your children. Stand up to defend your parents. Stand up to defend your lands. Stand up to defend your heritage. Stand up to defend your History. Stand up to defend your freedom. And stand up to defend your liberty.

The alternative to these exhortations is death. Brutal and merciless death. And when you’re dead, you lose everything, your life and your land.

“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome it.
-John F. Kennedy


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