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Hublot Watch: A Brief History to Know More About the Brand



Founded in 1980, Hublot is popularly known for representing the Art of Fusion in timepieces. They are a Swiss watch brand that produces watches that keep on pushing boundaries. A brand that holds a strong identity with its timepieces features both traditional and innovative styles.


They’re not hesitant to dominate and master the rules then break them; this spearheading spirit of Hublot has procured its position in the horological history books. If you’re looking for another Swiss brand to invest in, opting for Switzerland’s youngest brand could be your best-ever decision. Despite existing only for more than four decades in the industry, the brand has already proved how luxurious and elegant their timepieces are. To help you know the history of the brand’s success, we have listed the information you need to know. Check this out!


Brief History of Hublot


Carlo Crocco founded Hublot in 1980. Since then, Hublot has consistently been a brand pleased to stand apart from the crowd. From the impressive Big Bang assortment to the sleek Hublot Classic Fusion assortment and its first-ever connected watch, the Big Bang Referee 2018 World Cup Russia, the brand has dominated the craft of both time and style.


However, the brand’s main goal was simple – to push the boundaries of mastering time. Despite being one of Switzerland’s youngest brands, it had gotten itself stuck in somewhat of a trench. Expecting to infuse new life, the brand brought in legendary industry expert Jean-Claude Biver to launch the revolution.


Rather than design a false or borrowed legacy, Biver chose to embrace and use the collision of traditional watchmaking with the future. This focused on the reason for “fusing” innovative materials with mechanical watches, recognizing Hublot as a definitive contemporary watchmaker.



The heart core of Hublot’s spearheading spirit is “Innovation,” with a firm focused on being a champion of the ‘Art of Fusion’. It might be a new face of a Swiss luxury brand. Still, it is free from trading on its heritage like a few other extravagance watch brands as Hublot has had the option to walk to the beat of its drum, taking intense steps to elevate designs and produce heights the world had never seen before.


Grit, determination, and foresight— three things that let the brand earn the reputation of being true watchmaking mavericks. The commitment of Hublot to continuously think and create design concepts made it stand from its competitors, especially when the brand had surprised fans and watch aficionados alike at Baselworld 2018 as it disclosed its first-ever connected watch. The Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia will guarantee football fans worldwide not to ever miss a snapshot of the activity all through the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. From objective line innovation to keeping the wearer updated with the most recent scores, replacements, and substantially more, it’s a watch that beats the excellent game’s pace. 




The brand is proud to bring a 21st-century contact to the extremely old watchmaking craft utilizing cutting-edge materials and fabrication methods. Because of that, Hublot has long worked to champion spic and span horological ideas, with their UNICO movement being the ideal model. 

To build up the in-house movement in two years, a total of ten experts across all fields of watch configuration joined forces to design and produce it. Initially designed on paper, the master craftsmen had brought the pencil drawing as miniature designers micro engineers made a blueprint of the movement. The UNICO looks set to be an ideal workhorse of the modern period. The finely designed mechanics additionally look extraordinary through a skeletonized dial – a detailed specialty that favors the brand’s flourishing high-complications range (differing from minute repeaters and tourbillons to the out of sight range initially inspired by the engine block of the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar). 



When it comes to design material selection, the brand ensures to come on its own.

It’s a well-known fact that the ‘Art of Fusion’ is the main ingredient to Hublot’s continuous success. Important to its development, the mantra has gained the brand’s reputation for being at the cutting edge of things for the future of watchmaking. 

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But, what precisely is the ‘Art of Fusion’? From bringing in one all unlikely materials to conjuring new composites, it is an idea that is changing the world of horology, each stunning design at a time. There could be no greater illustration of Hublot’s commitment to the fusion of noteworthy materials than the Magic Gold creation. It’s practically scratch-proof; it’s a ceramic-infused 18-carat metal fashioned in-house that is ensured to remain pristine despite the inescapable scrapes that come with everyday wear. 




From sketch to model, the entire process of making each Hublot watch is striking. Regardless of whether it’s down to an abrupt sparkle of virtuoso or out of inspiration from history, Hublot is proud to be receptive with regards to dreaming up new designs.


It’s inside the design workshop that marvelous ideas are brought to existence, and, similarly as with most extraordinary ideas, everything begins with the humble pencil and paper. The team had sketched out the watch’s components prior to designing the movement around the new idea – continually considering aesthetics and its functions. From that point, the team makes a raw yet working model of the movement, and the case guarantees its practicalities.  


Before finally launching a new face of Hublot’s watches, it is thoroughly examined and handled with special care. They always ensure to release a timepiece that could represent the brand’s reputation very well in the market. Knowing how the competition is going strong day by day in the watch industry, a brand like Hublot never wants to be left behind and continuously creating its own unique and distinct identity.

In a Nutshell


Despite existing not for so long, the brand has already proven itself how unique, luxurious, and elegant it is. The watches they introduced in the market are always in line with their heart core, which is innovation. Being a brand representing the Art of Fusion, there’s no doubt it is worth investing in one of its watches. If you want to purchase one of their timepieces, you can visit the Watch Company to directly check your new Swiss watch.


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