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Islamic group threatens WAEC, alleges plan to truncate education of Nigerian Muslims

OIC: CAN, Ohaneze, Afenifere, all Muslim haters, MURIC says

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), a Muslim rights group, has said it should not be blamed in the event of a break down of law and order in the country if the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) failed to correct a face capturing software it is using to register students for its exams that has been rejecting hijab wearing girls.

The group also accused WAEC of being used by certain forces to truncate the education of Nigerian Muslims.

According to the group in a statement signed by its Director, Ishaq Akintola on Monday, its offices have been inundated with reports from muslim students, their teachers, and parents about a face recognition software used during WAEC registration which refuses to capture hijab clad girls, insisting that the software was intentionally programmed to reject hijab.

It however called for a review of the software so it can become hijab compliant.

The statement reads: “Reports from state branches of MURIC concerning capturing for 2020 WAEC registration has been alarming and disappointing.

“In faraway Minna, Niger State, at the Hasha International School, students had issues with capturing in hijab.

“The same reports came in from several secondary schools in Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Lagos, etc and it resulted in the officials asking Muslim students to remove their hijab for capturing since, according to them, the hijab was not being captured by WAEC’s software.

“Here lies the riddle. Several questions come to our minds and it appears only WAEC can answer them. So, over to WAEC. Muslims pay the same amount for WAEC as all others.

“Why are our daughters being victimized? Why are they being set aside for embarrassment? Why must their religion become a source of discomfort for them? Why are the Muslim parents being made to go through psychological trauma?

“And now to fundamental issues that are directly connected to WAEC’s software in the questions. Who designed the software? Why is the software not capturing the hijab used by Muslim female students?

“Why would it be designed specifically not to capture Muslim females wearing hijab? Are we saying Muslim children cannot be Muslims anymore until they take non-Muslim identities?

“Why didn’t the designers of WAEC’s software put the hijab into consideration ab initio? Was there any test-running before the design was approved? If there was a test-running, who supervised the test-running and where is the report?

“MURIC demands answers to these questions without delay. Controversies over WAEC registration, stereotyping and maltreatment of Muslim candidates and imposition of anti-Muslim time-tables have become recurring decimals over the years.

“MURIC has intervened peacefully and diplomatically over the years. Yet the controversies keep popping up a year in year out.

“We warn that Nigerian Muslims are running out of patience concerning WAEC’s intransigence and its contemptible treatment of Muslims. This examination body should, therefore, be blamed for any breakdown of law and order over its obnoxious and anti-Muslim policies.

“It is our considered opinion that WAEC is being used by certain forces to retard the educational progress of Nigerian Muslims.

“We also suspect very strongly that the controversial software is one of the plans of Islamophobic elements to frustrate Muslims after it became evident that no examination body has the right to ban Muslim students from using the hijab.

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“We demand a probe into the circumstances surrounding the development, operation, deployment, and application of the software being used by WAEC with a view to identifying reasons for the constant rejection of hijab by the software.

“For a transparent exercise, we suggest the involvement of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), a Federal Government agency, in the investigation.

“We further demand the co-option of a Muslim expert into the team of investigators. We volunteer to supply the Muslim expert and to pay for his or her services.

“We urge WAEC to accept these suggestions as well as the offer in order to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the examination body has no hidden agenda against Muslims. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.

“To cap the edifice, we demand quality service for hijab-wearing Muslim students as part of their Allah-given fundamental human rights. We affirm that something is fundamentally wrong with software that constantly fails to recognize a particular mode of dressing. We strongly suspect manipulation from the source.

“We, therefore, demand a transparent probe of WAEC’s capturing software without delay. This incident must not repeat itself in 2021. A stitch in time saves nine.”

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