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Kano swimming in N300 billion debt burden



The new government in Kano State would be kicking off its lifespan with a debt of over N300 billion naira which it inherited from the previous administration of Rabiu Kwankwaso.

The new governor, Abdullahi Ganduje however, said it was normal, and that Kwankwaso should be praised rather than criticised as he transformed the state.

Ganduje, whio spoke with reporters on Sunday, said his predecessor committed no crime, explaining, that the huge debt was as a result of the sudden drop in oil revenue.

“I don’t think Kwankwaso has committed any crime for living behind these huge liabilities because whatever happened was planned, coordinated and executed with me.

I knew everything, the anticipations were high and we thought that things, according to oil money, will continue to be smooth. Suddenly, there was that disgracing drop,” Ganduje, who was deputy to Kwankwaso, said.

“In any case, living behind liabilities from one government to another is a normal thing. Those who are today shouting will do the same or even worse by the time they assumed office. My Governor, Kwankwaso deserves to be highly praised for embarking upon the genuine transformational job in Kano state”.

Mr. Ganduje said to achieve his campaign promises, he will trim the number of ministries in Kano and establish due process and anti-corruption offices.

He said he will appoint a committee to look into how to increase the state’s internally generated revenue and assured that no one will be spared in the fight against corruption.

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