LATEST TECH NEWS: Nigeria’s Dochase launches WhatsApp chatbot-as-a-service. 2 other things and a trivia you need to know today, October 15, 2020 | Ripples Nigeria
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LATEST TECH NEWS: Nigeria’s Dochase launches WhatsApp chatbot-as-a-service. 2 other things and a trivia you need to know today, October 15, 2020



These latest stories from the tech space will keep you updated with trends today.

1. Nigeria’s Dochase launches WhatsApp chatbot-as-a-service

In a bid to drive more sales for businesses, Dochase, a Nigerian marketing technology company, has launched a WhatsApp chatbot product. The new offering, according to reports, will allow businesses interact with customers, gain leads, and automate sales processes. The six-year-old startup has been in the business of developing programmatic technology that helps advertisers reach the right customers by breaking down marketing reach to GEO locations, user demographics and behaviour. Finding product-market fit, it has become a programmatic demand side platform (DSP) for advertising agencies, an ad-exchange, and a rich media suite.

Reviewers acknowledged that its a new WhatsApp chatbot that allows businesses to interact directly with customers. However, leveraging on Dochase adverts and the AI-powered bot, customers need only make a single click to reach the intended business owner.

Further speaking on the product review, Chibuike Goodnews, chief executive officer (CEO) of Dochase, noted that the chatbot is built to make sale personalised. He said: “The WhatsApp chatbot is a product of the findings that medium and large businesses either have poor customer service, bad websites, or non-functional customer journeys. So we built the bot to connect their adverts to the straightforward chatbot, where sales are consummated easily and in a personalised manner.”

Tech Trivia:

Which of the following is a Nigerian software company?

A. CodeGang
B. CodeSquad
C. CodeBird
D. CodePanda

Answer: See end of post.

2. TLcom to host 2nd Africa Tech Female Founder Summit

TLcom Capital, one of Africa-focused venture capital firms, has announced intent to host the second Africa Tech Female Founder Summit. The virtual event, according to plans, however, is slated to hold later in October. Speaking on the vision of the event, the VC firm noted that the virtual event was aimed at equipping female entrepreneurs to scale their businesses in the era of COVID-19. In organising the event, TLcom had earlier launched a call for applications for female tech founders across Africa to attend the event.

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Commenting on the profile of speakers for the event, TLcom Capital listed feature speakers from across Africa’s tech scene including Hilda Moraa of Pezesha, Wambui Kinya of Andela and Fara Ashiru Jituboh of Okra. Themed “Reset – Survive – Thrive”, the Female Founder Summit will equip female tech founders to achieve commercial success and scale in the long-term despite the impact of the global pandemic.
It is expected that with a number of panel sessions and workshops scheduled, the event will gather female entrepreneurs from across the continent to experience the power of connecting, learning from and being a resource to each other.

3. Carscan secures undisclosed funding from local investors

Carscan, a South African tech startup, has secured an undisclosed amount of investment funding from local investors. The funding, according to press, was raised from investors including Kalon Venture Partners, IDF Capital, and a private investor. The cutting-edge startup was founded by Obins Choudhary and Chander Prakash in a bid to create an innovative service that allows users to track the condition of their vehicles. Reviewers have acknowledged that its augmented reality platform which utilises visual AI technology, helps Carscan to provide an accurate, reliable, agnostic, complete, and traceable digital record of a car.

Being a tech-focused startup in the automotive industry, however, Carscan is disrupting the industry as it changes how stakeholders and consumers interact. The startup offers a range of services, assisting the automotive industry to buy, sell, rent, service, insure, finance, and auction vehicles. In addition, the advanced technological tools utilised help to eliminate fraud, governance, and, automotive industry risks. Aside, its customary services, its augmented reality and visual AI technology allow users to assess and extract details about a vehicle in record time, resulting in a quick and hassle-free insurance claim process.

Tech Trivia Answer: CodeSquad

Codesquad is an innovative web design and development company based in Nigeria. Since inception, its team focuses on disruptive innovations for businesses and consumers in areas as Fintech, Edutech, HealthTech and so on. CodeSquad is the product home of TrustBanc, EduStack, Betowan, amongst other thriving initiatives.

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