Lets talk about 2019 and the coming elections
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The Nigeria constitution stipulates that a presidential candidate will be duly elected after obtaining both the highest number of votes cast and having received at least two thirds of votes from the 36 states including the FCT. But, my fellow Nigerians have forgotten this and have sat back and watched people selected into governmental positions with rigged votes, that is…if there are any votes casted to enable rigging.

Welcome to my country where people do not fight to have a say on what goes on in their own country.

Nigeria’s election is one of the many things that causes panic and uncertainty in the hearts of its citizen, not necessarily the fear of who gets into power but rather, what happens to other citizens if particular regions in the country don’t get what they want.

2019 is fast approaching and the fear is beginning to creep in, people are already planning to leave their country for the fear of the unknown. Our leaders are oblivious of this fact, all they care about is the drafted lies they call speeches, ready to sell to the masses who buy into their sweet tongues. Politicians use all forms of schemes to lure the poor masses into casting votes in their names especially with their election propaganda…, and promises that are never met.

This is Nigeria, where politicians are deceitful beings, where their promises are just mere statements, and when they finally get into power, the citizens are left with hardship and the only weapon they are left with is their mouths to curse and regret their actions.

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Politicians are already promising a better future come 2019 and am still trying so hard to figure the magic they intend to perform. Some Nigerians are still prepared to listen to these lies from a visionless circle of leaders because many people in this country are indeed gullible.

The many problems of this country cannot just go away, we need a structure, we need a process, and we need to know where we are headed. These leaders are vague, we try so hard to be like the western world, but go about it the wrong way.

We fail to realise that citizens are key and no country can exist without a population, we the citizens make it what it is (a country) but do we fight? No! We are so used to this way of living that our only medium of complaint is the social media. But who listens? why not protest and take a stand in bettering our situation, why watch with frowns and no actions…This change we want must come from us, we are more than the government and we can make our voice heard. This starts by voting this vissionless circle out.

How many people have their voters’ cards? just a few, because we have this mindset that nothing can change in this country, we believe we can’t be served and selection will still be made even if we vote.

Do I think 2019 will be better? Yes! If we take a stand and vote and make sure our vote is counted. Young people with visions should rise up and contest for electorial positions. We can’t be better with same people ruling with same mindset. There is a saying that new faces produce new results but same people, same outcome. Same people who overly blame their predecessors.

I hear them say Nigerians are patient, I say Nigerians are naïve.

I hope 2019 brings better citizens who are ready to fight instead of killing fellow humans for the sake of these politicians. It is time to take a bold step in bettering this nation.

The patient dog dies of starvation. Fight for your right. Get your PVCs.


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