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Medicals: Biophotonics breaks new grounds

Let there be light and there was light. In the event of radio failure, signal lamps are used to transmit information to pilots on the runway and they, reply by rocking their wings. Light has always been varied in nature and use; it is both a wave and a particle, it can be used to illuminate, to heat up and cool substances, it can also be used to beautify.

Imagine you have malaria and instead of going to the pharmacy to buy drugs, you just send an e-mail and a spark of light is emitted from your phone and the drug is in your blood stream.

South African scientist, Patience Mthunzi is a pioneer of biophotonics. She is unique in that she holds a Bsc in biology and a Phd in physics, she is one of the women who have a huge influence on the future of African policy, technology and media.


She and other scientists in Scientific and industrial research Centre, Pretoria are finding ways to deliver drugs to patients using lasers. If they are successful it would be groundbreaking and will evolve medicine to a whole new level.

They could be able to target specific cancerous cells or viruses with ease. Drugs could be sent to inaccessible areas via laser emitting drones, or mass laser vaccinations could occur via flood lights or even on mobile phones.

The possibilities are exciting, the future looks bright.

-Patrick Oke jr.

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