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Music composer sues Kanye West for jacking his song



Kanye West is facing a legal tussle after Gabor Presser, a big shot Hungarian composer sued the rapper for jacking his song and for not also being paid enough.
Presser says that the last part of Kanye’s “New Slaves” features one of his songs and before the song was released in 2013 Kanye approached him for permission to use the track.
Presser who later said he agreed for Kanye to use the song but said he did that under the assumption that the rapper would use the song under the assumption that a formal deal was tabled.
A document obtained by TMZ reveals that Kanye sent Presser an advance of $10k to pull the deal through but the composer says he never cashed the cheque.
Presser is suing Kanye for at least $2.5 million.
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