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Nigerians drag Kenechukwu Okeke on Twitter for suing #EndSARS promoters



Nigerian Twitter users have been dragging Kenechukwu Okeke, the self-acclaimed human rights activist who had initiated criminal complaints against #EndSARS promoters on Monday, November 9, and also vowed to follow the case to a logical conclusion and getting those he included in the list prosecuted.

Okeke had included activist and progenitor of “Bring Back Our Girls” movement, Aisha Yesufu, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, entertainers Falz, Burna Boy, Dr. Chinonso Egemba, popularly known as Aproko Doctor, and other prominent Nigerians on the list, claiming they had caused damage to his business and source of livelihood.

He also said he filed the suit in the interest of defence, public safety and public order as Nigeria is a country of laws which must be obeyed.

However, Pastor Adeyemi, in responding to the list, has said that Okeke is a clown for including his name while Yesufu said she is honoured to be part of the lawsuit, thanking the claimant for listing her as number one in the suit.

“My joy is that they got my name right and I am number one on the list. Thank you #EndSars protesters. I am honoured to be part of you all,” she tweeted.

Aproko Doctor had also launched a verbal attack on Okeke, also describing him as a clown.

He tweeted:

“Why are #EndSARS protesters treated like criminals? Does it mean that it’s a crime to speak against police brutality? What’s going on in this country? Are we in a democracy? A sad story. Sad story.

“Kenechukwu Okeke, you’re a clown. You’re a stooge and a disgrace to “Human Rights” that you so proudly proclaim as your username.

“Kenechukwu, I feel nothing short of pity for you, pity because you’re so blind to common sense. Blind to truth. Once again, you’re a clown.”

Not undaunted by the series of attacks, Okeke took to Twitter on Tuesday, November 10, and posted:

“Having initiated criminal proceedings against the #EndSARS riots promoters at exactly 1052hrs WAT, 09/11/2020, we shall ensure that same is diligently prosecuted in the interest of defence, public safety and public order. The Federal Republic of Nigeria is country of laws.

By the special grace of God, I shall pursue this matter diligently and impassively to ensure that maximum punishments are meted to the alleged promoters of #EndSARS riots in accordance with the laws of the land. Nobody is above the law, this case should be a ‘locus classicus’.”

Users of the micro-blogging platform then went haywire, dragging and calling him out for daring to take such a stance. Many of the respondents believe that Okeke was a stooge of the government and was being used to silence the voices of youths and people fighting for change in the country.

Read what the Twitter users posted on Okeke’s tread:

@Ciscadichie: “Eeya, did you just learn the Latin word locus classicus? Because you would have known that the Magistrate Court in Abuja has no jurisdiction over respondents who live in Lagos and for a protest they participated in Lagos.”

@Joshua17767: “Nobody works for the Buhari government and keep their intelligence or sense… it’s the first thing you submit before getting the job.”

@Realkogiboy: “Include my name Bash Ataba. Don’t boycott we the Real #EndSARS promoter. Your list won’t get there if you submit just that few! We are solely with you and ain’t regretting any shit.”

@OlawunmiJoy26: “You will never know peace in Jesus name.”

@bakojr1: “My brother na hunger. Stomach infrastructure. I hear say the mumu steal phone during law school. Hunger and poverty na bastards…”

@unicalwaves: “Isn’t it ironic that a “human rights activist” filed criminal complaints against those who are actually fighting for human rights and against oppression?”

@iam__sexyslim: “Haaa, this list is not complete. All the people my estate protested I can’t find their names there, why? I’m sure they wouldn’t want to miss this groove.”

@mr_robmichael: “Lmao… face with tears of joy. As in ehh. The Benin guys that blocked the highway, their names are not here or even the Anambra guys that trekked from Awka to Awkuzu SARS. It’s not fair abeg, their names should be here.”

@diamondkixx: “Why can’t u sue the crazy government over lack of electricity, unemployment, extra-judicial killings, etc. Bro, work on urself. Are u happy with the way this country is? Everyone is tired, including me typing this.. nothing is working. Sue d government not d citizens.”

@DaisyCoolz: “Please Kenechukwu Okeke is not an Igbo man, he is an Hausa man who was born in Igbo land. Okeke is not his real name, his real name is Abdul.”

@Chrisadaure: “Anu ofia.. Ndigbo we had better fish out his village and send him love there… You went to collect brown envelope, tufia azigba.”

@Asaoluayoolu: “Attention seeker. Honestly, you will make a good Nollywood actor.”

@Flocaine: “This suit will be kicked out of court in the first sitting. Talking about locus classicus… More like low-cost classic waste of time.”

@Somtoo_1: “Lol this one just got married and area don red. He dey find settlement. That’s why his list is only for celebrities. If you’re not a celebrity and you have money, don’t worry, supplementary and VC’s list will be out soon.”

@badman_kels: “Nigerian things dey always be upside down. Just imagine Human Right suing people fighting for they right… Man face-palming.”

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@tboyengr: “Na madness dey worry the guy. He needs to be investigated on how he got his wealth and property. He probably doesn’t know what “Human Right” means, as you said, Nigerians copy abroad things upside down. We need to know who sent him. #EndSARS #EndSWAT.”

@Oluwaremzy22: “Use this same energy to sue our govt for hoarding palliatives, sue CBN for not tracking down and blocking the accounts that has been funding Boko Haram for a long time and the corrupt politicians who don’t let the citizens enjoy their rights, boda ode.”

@alexionzy: “Your children will definitely read about this someday and they will be thoroughly ashamed of you as their father. Obviously, you are doing this nonsense for clout! I just hope you would benefit from the new Nigeria the youths are striving to build.”

@NwaomaOnuoha: “Werey face with rolling eyes. Face with rolling eyes. No.1, change that ur name to Almajiri Human Rights. No.2, these people only advocated for good governance and an end to police brutality, they never for once, through their tweets say or mean that people should go and destroy properties. So am sorry, but sir u just lost this case.”

@OmotinyaSammy: “The money your sponsors will give won’t save you from the wrath of God… when it’s starts with you… we all see that you’re seeking for attention but let it be known to you that this present government won’t stay there forever and people don’t forget things like this…”

@idemudiamarko: “So everyone here is scared to ask this guy the real question abi? Ok, in that case, let me ask him. Bros, abeg where you for de buy your IGBO? As in your lala abi na kuma, abeg tell me I wan know… Because nobody fit behave like you do with ordinary eyes, so share your dealer pls.”

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