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Nigeria’s Edustripe builds school management software. 2 other things and a trivia




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1. Nigeria’s Edustripe builds software to digitize school operations.

With a vision to digitize school operations, Nigerian ed-tech startup Edustripe has built a school management software.

Growing its user base, the startup is gaining attention as its tool is now being used in dozens of schools and by hundreds of parents.

The two-year-old startup, founded by Tolu Odueke and Babajide Esho, through its Edustripe platform helps schools and parents manage educational fees, access loans, monitor grades, and create custom teaching plans.

Speaking to newsmen, Babajide Esho, chief executive officer (CEO), stated that the idea was to improve the educational system as an organisation.

He said: “We help to improve already existing educational systems, making them more efficient, fast and 100 per cent stress-free. Our tools are built into one simple, flexible and reliable platform.”

Tech Trivia

What was the first computer virus released in the wild?

A. Brain
B. WinVir
C. Creeper
D. Melissa

Answer: See end of post.

2. Kenyan startup Finplus hits $500m transaction value mark

Less than four years since launch, Finplus Group, a Kenyan fintech startup, has recorded an impressive transaction value of over $500m.

The startup revealed this in a recent statement focusing on the company progress.

The nearly four year old startup, which was founded by Kageni Wilson and Bernard Banta, provides fully-managed software to help financial services providers operate efficiently and scale cost-effectively in any market.

The company’s recently launched allows Danish consumers to compare loans online for personal, SMS, mobile, quick, car, and more than 20 categories of loans.

Reviews further revealed that its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform enables the easy creation, rapid launch and efficient management of digital deposit, loan and insurance products.

3. Facebook to roll out security features to protect journalists

Social media giant, Facebook, has, Thursday, rolled out new security features to protect journalists in Nigeria, India, Palestine and other countries of interest.

The Mack Zuckerberg-led social networking site made the announcement in its correspondence to media houses in Nigeria, where it called journalists to commence registration for the new feature.

According to the statement, the move was the company’s effort to secure journalists’ profiles from online harassment and hacking.

The release reads in part:

“Today, Facebook announced the roll out of stronger security features for people who work at news organizations across the nation to voluntarily register as journalists in order to protect their Facebook profiles, while accessing benefits, tools and features built with journalists’ needs in mind.

“Facebook has also provided the option for journalists to extend this protection to their linked Instagram accounts.

“Registered journalists will also have access to CrowdTangle Search and can also apply for Facebook Blue Badge Verification.”

Tech Trivia Answer: Brain

While the first computer virus (Creeper) was released on the ARPANET as a harmless experiment, the first computer virus to be released in the wild didn’t have malicious intent either.

Called “Brain,” the program was created in 1986 by the Farooq Alvi brothers of Pakistan as a method to deter copying the medical software they wrote. It targeted IBM PCs and would replace a floppy disk’s boot sector with a copy of the virus and flag the real boot sector as bad.

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