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Nigeria’s Farm365 launches online marketplace. 2 other things and a trivia



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1. Nigeria’s Farm365 launches online marketplace


In a bid to overcome food wastage, Nigerian startup Farm365 has launched an online marketplace for farmers and food vendors.

Farm365 will operate as a vegetable and fruit box delivery marketplace that sources quality farm produce directly from rural farmers and sells to businesses in urban areas.

Launching the venture, the startup looks to raise pre-seed funding as it seeks to eradicate food wastage in Nigeria.

Today, Farm365 works closely with rural farmers to rescue seasonal vegetables from waste, connecting sellers with customers via its digital platform.

Once the venture keeps off in full light, business or private customers will be able to select what produce they want and have it delivered to their door using the platform, with Farm365 already working with six B2B and 11 B2C customers.

According to the founder, Abdulaziz Kabir, Farm365 was born to curb food wastage in the country.

He said: “A third of the food grown in the world is wasted. We believe this has to stop; all food grown must be eaten. More than 40 per cent of what is harvested in the rural communities is wasted in the field as a result of inaccessible markets and ineffective logistics services.”

Tech Trivia: Which of the following is the odd one?

A. Paystack
B. PayPal
C. PayNas
D. XPay

Answer: See end of post.

2. Ethiopian Eshi Express to scale with new raiser

Ethiopian logistics startup Eshi Express has unveiled plans to scale its venture, raising funding from the Addis Ababa Angels (AAA) Network.

Eshi Express was founded 2017 as an on-demand deliveries platform that operates in Addis Ababa and two regional Ethiopian cities.

Today, customers can arrange deliveries via app or call centre, and track those orders in real-time.

Speaking on the development, Haben Gebre, Eshi Express’s co-founder and chief operations officer (COO), noted that Eshi plans to scale up its business and expand to multiple regional cities soon.

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“At Eshi Express our core belief is companies with a great mission will bring positive and lasting change to society. And we’re excited to partner with Addis Ababa Angel Investors as it will enable us to make a strong impact and expand our reach.

“Eshi Express met AAA’s standards for investment as it is a tech-enabled and scalable business with a great team that is coming out just as the country is experiencing a digital revolution of sorts. They have a unique opportunity to be part of this revolution.”

3. uYilo opens call for applications for 2021 Mobility Programme

uYilo Mobility Programme has opened applications for its 2021 edition where South African mobility startups can win up to ZAR1 million US$73,000) in grant funding.

According to uYilo, the edition is aimed at assisting projects reach commercialisation into the market.

In 2014, the uYilo eMobility Programme provided what it calls “kickstart” funding to qualifying mobility and assistive projects.

2014, when the fund was created as part of uYilo’s mandate to enable, facilitate and mobilise e-mobility in South Africa.

The initiative welcomes all projects in the e-mobility ecosystem and value-chain.

However, each will be evaluated according to specific criteria and then managed throughout the development process to reach a set of milestones.

uYilo director, Hiten Parmar, noted that “a critical part of this transition for South Africa is to have localised content, promote local industry and encourage local job creation.”

Tech Trivia Answer: Paystack

Like others, Paystack is a Fintechcompany for a new generation of innovative, forward-looking organizations operating in Africa.

Unlike others, Paystack is founded in Nigeria and by Nigerians. Others on the list are Egyptian Fintech startups.

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