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Nigeria’s treasury empty, says Buhari



President Muhammadu Buhari on his first day of work at the Aso Rock Villa on Monday since his inauguration, said that what the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan handed over to him, was a virtually empty treasury.

He also lamented that his administration was being weighed down by debts running into millions of dollars, left behind by the last administration.

Although he did not say how much debt he met, he promised to put in his best to salvage the country from the brink of collapse.

Lamenting that it was disgraceful for state and federal workers not to be paid their salaries as and when due, he told newsmen that he would need their help to avoid a situation where Nigerians might march on him.

The President added that the culture of assessing government’s performance in the first 100 days in office was putting pressure on him considering the mismanaged economy he inherited.

Buhari said, “This culture of 100 days (in office) is bringing so much pressure with treasury virtually empty; with debts in millions of dollars; with state workers and even federal workers not being paid their salaries.

“This is such a disgrace for Nigeria. I think Nigeria should be in a position to at least pay its workers.

“This bad management that we find ourselves in, we really need your help to protect us from people before they march on us.”

Shortly after resuming work, Buhari had met with Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo and some of his key aides, and thereafter met behind closed doors with service chiefs.

It will be recalled that the President relocated to the Presidential Villa on Sunday evening about three weeks after he was inaugurated.

He had been operating from his private residence and the Defence House, the official residence of the President-elect in Abuja.

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