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Obama plays hoops early on Election Day



Obama plays hoops early on Election Day

President Obama engaged in a little bit of Election Day superstition Tuesday morning by playing basketball with friends, while Vice President Joseph R. Biden voted in his home state of Delaware.

Mr. Obama, who has played hoops on Election Day since his first victory in 2008, left the White House before 8 a.m. and traveled in a motorcade to Fort McNair in Washington for a game at a gym on the military base. The president cast his ballot last month during early voting in Illinois.

Mr. Biden voted early Tuesday at a high school in Wilmington, Delaware, and told reporters to keep an eye on the results in Florida, the biggest swing-state prize in the contest between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“It could be a very long night, or it could be very short,” Mr. Biden said — a prediction unlikely to be wrong either way.

The vice president said he’ll continue to fight against income inequality after he leaves office in January.

“The bad news is I’m not going away,” Mr. Biden joked.


Washington Times, November 8th

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