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ONDO: INEC warns electoral officers against compromise



The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, on Friday warned electoral officers against compromise in next month’s governorship election in Ondo State.

Yakubu, who made the call at a meeting with local government electoral officers in Akure, also reiterated the commission’s confident in the capacity of the officers to deliver credible election in the state.

He said: “We had a good election in Edo State. Our determination is that Ondo should be better. Are you committed to ensuring that Ondo is going to be better?

“This meeting is supposed to review a number of issues, we rarely need to discuss a number of issues.

“For us to deliver a successful election that is better than the previous elections that we have conducted, and that is our determination, there are a number of issues that we need to take into consideration.

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“If you don’t prepare hard, then you are preparing to fail, we must prepare very hard.

“Top on the list is personal integrity. This is very important. Elections are ultimately conducted by human beings and what we bring is our integrity to the process. Never ever, ever think of compromising for whatever reason.

“We must work contentiously and we must be determined to allow the people of Ondo State to choose who become their governor.

“That is our responsibility under the constitution. That is what we should all be committed. Personal integrity is very important.”

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