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[OPINION] Buharism @ 6: What Are They Celebrating?



President Muhammadu Buhari’s inept administration clocked six years last May 29. Six years ago in 2015 Buhari as the then opposition All Progressives Congress candidate in the presidential poll trounced soundly the then incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan (GEJ). Four years later in 2019 he ‘won’ re-election in an electoral swindle of the century; he was announced the winner against the opposition Peoples Democratic Party’s Atiku Abubakar. The election was allegedly rigged in favour of the incumbent President.

Abubakar and the PDP protested vehemently over the organized electoral fraud to no avail. Their case was thrown out at the Electoral Petition Tribunal and the Supreme Court for lack of substantial evidence. The (mis)ruling APC and their champion won on judicial technicalities. No one expected otherwise given the judicial corruption and allegiance to the executive.

While the die-hard Buharists like the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, insisted that Nigerians would applaud thunderously for Buhari in 2023 when his second term would come to an end we would prefer to wait until then for history to impartially give its verdict on the worst presidency Nigeria had ever seen or known.

Instead of applauding for a resounding failure recorded thus far we expect Nigerians to say good riddance to bad rubbish come 2023; goodbye to primitive totalitarianism.

During the electioneering campaign leading to the presidential poll of 2015 the then APC opposition elements were riding high on the mood of the nation which was manifestly anti-GEJ. Jonathan then was a presidential embarrassment to say the least. He was an executive square peg in a round hole!

Though Buhari had tried and failed a couple of times in the past to clinch the presidency democratically his desperate ambition to rule Nigeria for a second time just like Olusegun Obasanjo was strong. Then he had two positive things going for him: integrity and precedence or experience.

After overthrowing the graft-riddled late Shehu Shagari’s presidency in late 83 Buhari had convinced not a few Nigerians of his integrity and patriotism. But that was then; the much-vaunted associated integrity and patriotism had been squandered on the alter of politics of nepotism and clannishness.

As Buhari came in triumphantly expectations were high that he would make Nigeria a better place to live in. The GEJ era had messed and muddled up things to the extent that corruption, insecurity and terrorism as national challenges were threatening the corporate existence of our country.

Buhari had campaigned for ‘change’ promising to defeat Boko Haram, tame corruption and revamp the economy. Today, six years down the line, none of these promises has been met. The economy is still comatose, terrorism is still very much around and active up north and corruption is still rife if not worse than during the GEJ years.

Besides, since he spent close to two years in power during his first coming as a benevolent dictator Nigerians had erroneously thought that enough experience had been garnered or gathered backwards going forward. No one in their right senses call Buhari ‘Mr Integrity’ any longer given his accommodation of looters. His integrity is in tatters because of his coziness with discredited corrupt politicians, some of whom work with him as Ministers or aides.

Apart from the problems Buharism inherited from the underwhelming GEJ administration more problems have since emerged to complicate things further jeopardizing societal evolution. Instead of ameliorating anything Buhari has worsened everything!

While Jonathan was clueless PMB is inept and worse than the former in terms of administrative capacity and delivery of democracy dividends. GEJ was a good democrat with his weaknesses and strenghts but PMB is the very opposite. While GEJ was mindful of the national mood at any given time and consequencies of his actions or inactions Buhari is not only reckless but mendacious in his presidential ways.

During the GEJ era there were no Fulani herdsmen terrorism or their clashes with farmers. Few Fulani herders (if any at all) were carrying AK-47 assault rifles around. Boko Haram and other affiliate terrorists were kidnapping students and terrorizing communities but mass abduction for hefty ransom was not as pronounced then as it is now.

Then, unlike now, no state government was negotiating with terrorists or bandits or paying them money for them to abandon terrorism or banditry or kidnapping. Then, no one was hearing about a cabal running the country or the President going for medical tourism abroad.

As Buharism clocks six we ask broodingly: What are they celebrating? Six years of terrorism exploits of jihadists? Six years of historic unemployment? Six years of growing poverty? Six years of Naira-Dollar acrobatic dance? Six years of mass kidnapping, banditry and Fulani herdsmen terrorism?

Six years of insurgency and agitation for self-determination from different regions? Six years of arrested development and economic decline? Six years of surrogate presidency? Six years of firm entrenchment of a cabal in our national life?

What the hell are they really celebrating, Adesina and co? Six years of a sick giant of Africa whose fortunes and global influence had been whittled down by a reclusive austere President? Six years of state terrorism and presidential brigandage?

Six years of Buharian London medical tourisms or lack of sound world-class hospitals and doctors? Or the secrecy behind his ailment? Six years of propaganda and ethnic and religious politics? Six years of criminal favouritism of notherners and the absence of merit?

Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu owe us a duty to tell us what they are celebrating as Buhari’s six years achievements. Otherwise, let them give us a deserved break. We are sick and tired of their spins and blusters. They must come to terms with the fact that their principal’s bad politics and other congenital flaws have no redeeming feature.

Author: Ozodinukwe Okenwa

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