Prince knew he had AIDS and welcomed death
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Prince knew he had AIDS and welcomed death



Incoming reports suggests that pop icon Prince was diagnosed with AIDS six weeks before he died and the 7-time Grammy Award winner prepared for his death with prayers for the repose of his soul before he finally gave up the ghost.

Sources revealed to a US magazine that Prince was preparing to die after he learnt that he had full-blown version of AIDS some weeks earlier before he passed on.

The sources said the 57-year old ‘Purple Rain’ singer who raised awareness for AIDS in a 1998 campaign enjoyed numerous sex sessions throughout his life.

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Prince who suffered a series of health problems was found dead in a lift at his home in Minneapolis last Thursday.

He was given a life-saving injection on his private plane days before his death and was spotted heading into a chemist several times a week for drugs.

Staff at the Walgreens Pharmacy said the pills he had been buying were used to treat HIV patients.

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