Reno Omokri- Do I really know him?

Rotimi Amaechi: A Decorated Monkey is Still a Monkey!

By Joseph Edgar… Reno has suddenly become the intellectual back bone for the opposition. I read his positions which usually come in through social media and from afar as the United States with a small admiration especially with the soundness of some of his positions. Unlike his other counterparts who rest in emotional gibberish in taking a stance, he has won my admiration with his deft play on facts, his pointed allusions on issues using verifiable facts as a chassis for throwing his increasingly stingy bullets.

He has won a fan in me, hence this write up. But my question to him this morning is simple. Was he this analytic when his elder brother was in power? Was he this objective when he traversed the length and breath of the nation dispensing unearned largess to undeserving rogues. No matter how you turn data on its head, spewing out wisecracks , the fact still remains that the era of the Jonathan cronyism witnessed some of the most blatant rape of the nations treasury and collective resources that we have seen ever since independence.

So sitting very far, picking up on this present government’s weakness, especially in its continuing manhandling of the economy and its jaundiced corruption campaign, does not give you the morale high ground to sit on top of the mountain of self-righteousness and throw puny missiles at the government and its policies. My firm believe is that, if Reno has anything to offer the country, he should come back, face whatever panel he needs to face, clear himself and then start contributing meaningfully to national discourse and policy formulation.

This kind of critic is usually the most dangerous becuase they are intelligent enough to turn facts on their heads to achieve very narrow and shallow goals, and this is more pronounced especially in a case like this when the aim is to clean a purported damaged image, put pressure on a government that took out his sponsoring government. So we begin to see the ‘evil genius’ syndrome where, like Reno, very strong arguments are thrown to justify malignant diseases like pure thievery.

Reno is an intellectual thief, someone who has the brain power and gall to use strong facts and data to steal our minds, all in support of a lame regime who superintended the daylight robbery of our country. Reno can only be fought in the intellectual space- data for data, fact for fact and much more importantly strong performance that would repel any negative vibes from the very powerful intellectual missiles Reno and his people would be throwing.

The government must realize that this is the battle for the mind which is usually the most powerful battle. If we approach this with the usual force, arrest, threat of incarceration and Justice Abang-type of judicial guillotine. Reno must be wrestled down with superior arguments, a strategy that would gradually erode his credibility in our minds and thought leaders.

So far this has not been done and he has been having a free ride in that space, destroying and chipping through the government’s lame defenses built majorly on blaming Jonathan’s regime tendencies which feeds fluidly into his weaponry.

So, do I really know Reno? Yes, I know him. He is an intellectual thief!

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