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Rick Ross has got his ring back



The world had its jaw on the ground when rapper Rick Ross proposed to his stripper girlfriend, Lira Galore, with a whopping $350,000 diamond ring.
The expensive engagement created quite a furor that even dragged Lira’s mum into the fray when a bystander accused Rick of still sleeping around with her friend.
Lira’s mum announced for everyone to hear that Rick was expected to sleep around with women as a star, as long as her daughter was wearing the ring.
Well, the engagement has been called off and Rick has collected his ring back.

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Right after the engagement was called off, Rick’s now ex-fiancee posted a picture of her hand still wearing the engagement ring, which made people wonder if he was going to let her keep the ring.
Well, close sources have revealed that the photo was an old pix, that when Lira left Rick Ross’s mansion, after they broke off the engagement, her fingers were bare. But no one knows how Rick collected the ring back.
But then, according to the law in Georgia, an engagement ring is a “gift in contemplation of marriage” … meaning if the couple doesn’t get hitched, the guy gets it back.

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