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Saudi Crown Prince behaving recklessly, could “damage US interests”, American officials says



The reckless mode by which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is moving to consolidate his growing power while spearheading a reform programme has been described by US diplomats along with officials from the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency as “reckless”.

Salman’s reckless actions are without sufficient consideration to the likely consequences of his behaviour”, the Times quoted an unidentified State Department official as saying on Tuesday.

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The new anti-corruption committee, headed by Crown Prince Salman, formed by royal decree, has witnessed the arrest of 11 princes, four sitting ministers and dozens of former ministers who have been detained on corruption charges.

The arrests were made after fresh investigations were launched into the 2009 Jeddah floods and the outbreak of the Mers virus which emerged in Saudi Arabia in 2012 even as those detained were not named.

On the same day of the mass arrests, Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri abruptly announced his resignation on television from the Saudi capital, Riyadh, saying Iran and the Hezbollah movement were interfering in his country’s affairs.



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