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Senator Ayogu Eze suggests ways South-East can produce president in 2023



Senator Ayogu Eze, a former governorship candidate on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Enugu State, has added his voice to the clamour for a president of South-East extraction in 2023.

He believes such can only be achieved if the Igbos present a united front and are committed to the project.

Eze who spoke at the Enugu State Secretariat of the APC where he presented gift items to the party members for the New Year on Sunday, said that with the APC turning the beautiful bride in Nigeria’s political space, it was an opportunity for the Igbos to take the advantage of the situation and come together to present a formidable candidate.

“A new dawn is about to begin for the APC. If we play our card well, we will be in a position to form a new government in Enugu State and retain our position in Nigeria.

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“We need to lay a good foundation, and if we do, in 2023, APC will form the next government. We are now realigning, we are talking to our brothers and friends in other parties. We want to strengthen the structure of our party at the grassroots so that in 2023, we will be able to present a formidable candidate.

“On the clamour for an Igbo presidency, I will say that we need to work for it. It will not just drop from the roof; we have to work for it and it means building alliances, building friends, because it is not something that we here can do alone.

“So, let us not try to be cagy and shut our doors. I believe that if we work conscientiously, there is something that I see in the horizon coming for this party, but the key is unity. We have to be united and present a consensus candidate that has a national appeal,” he said.

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