Seun Kuti laments attitude of Nigerian politicians to citizenry
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Seun Kuti laments attitude of Nigerian politicians to citizenry



Seun Kuti laments attitude of Nigerian politicians to citizenry

Ever vocal Seun Kuti, son of Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti has launched a vocal tirade against the present government led by President Muhammadu Buhari and corrupt politicians in the land.

Seun who was obviously put off by the political class in Nigeria lamented the fact that youths are neglected in a country where nothing works due to failed policies by successive governments.

The scion of Fela wrote; “So dey want us to think stupid, everybody celebrating, they have been celebrating all dis days, but who is celebrating d slavery days?

“Naija Youths ask again, Wetin b dis present Naija govt policy on Education?

“Every ruler dey talk about peace, but none of dem dey talk about Justice, no job & food 4 d poor, university don close for weeks, Youths are idle.

“Wetin happen to equal right & justice, why most Naija rich pikin dey go uni 4 oyibo land & dem go come close our own uni for our motherland.

“Wetin happen to equal right & justice, why some people go sick and go foreign land for treatment, wen poor pesin dey die 4 Naija of malaria.

“Wetin happen to equal right & justice, politricians go dey rich pass wen dem enter power & court go still find dem not guilty of corruption.

“Wetin happen to equal right & justice, poor pesin go go jail 4 stealing N100pepper 4 Mkt, politricians go waka free 4 stealing billions in govt.

“Wetin hapen 2 equal right & justice, Paedophile go rape poor pesin pikin,police go settle out of court like notin happen, rich pesin fit gree?

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“When we no sabi our govt policies on many things, how we go sabi our right? My people ask for your govt policies.

“Wey d people need to start to dey ask our politricians for figures, e.g., “if u say u wan build road, oga where u go get d money?
“We Naija people need 2 stop 2 dey accept injustice from govt, Na bcus of us Govt dey, no b we dey bcus of Govt.

“I hear say Govt Na our papa & we b d pikin, if Govt b our papa, Se Govt suppose to dey let us (im pikin) suffer like dis?

“That’s why I open my mouth I sing ‘For Dem Eye’ “we no important for dem eye”, bcus if we important, uni no fit close make Govt no fit yarn.

“If we important ‘for dem eye’ poverty no fit dey contri like dis make dem never find solution, while dem dey live rich in their big houses & yatch

“I ask again after all dis yarn, “Se our Naija Rulers dem like us or dem like demsefs?”

Recall last month that Seun who is known to cause controversy with his posts on social media got on the wrong side of his fans and critics alike when he posted a message on his Instagram page accusing God of plagiarism.

There was drama of some sort on his page after he shared snapshot from a book that compared the Bible’s Proverbs to the teachings of Amen-en-ope which didn’t go down well with most of his fans who saw the post.





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