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SocialMediaTrends: #BlackTuesday in Lekki, Sanwo-Olu ‘a murderer’ & other stories



Despite videos, Nigerian Army denies hand in Lekki massacre

The #EndSARS movement witnessed its bloodiest day on Tuesday night having been protesting on the streets for nearly two weeks nationwide.

Men in military uniform opened fire against peaceful protesters at Lekki toll gate, allegedly killing many and injuring others. This got Twitter buzzing for the most part of Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram were also actively engaged as users camped on specific handles to catch live updates and reports from the scene.

Tweets addressing the horrific events at Lekki with the hashtag #LekkiMassacre were in their millions, as did a couple of other hashtags like, #Unarmed, #basedonwhat, #LekkiGenocide, #SanwooluisaMuderer, #LekkiTollgate, #therewasacountry, #BuhariMustGo and #StopKillingUs. The following however got our attention:


In the heat of military men’s attack on unarmed protesters at the Lekki toll gate, Lagos, the hashtag went up the table.

It was gathered how officials at the toll gate had dismantled the surveillance cameras and put out the street lighs at the venue shortly before protesters were attacked and fired at. At least, 7 lives were reportedly lost and a few others critically injured and taken to hospital.

DJ Switch

Now considered one of the heroines of the #EndSARS protests, female Disc Jockey, DJ Switch, Obianuju Catherine Udeh, who happened to be the only ‘eye’ the world had at the protest ground in Lekki on Tuesday night, was praised for her bravery in managing the chaos during the attack.

DJ Switch’s Instagram live video captured details of the blackout, the siege laid around the toll gate by the soldiers, the name of the Commander in Charge of the operation, the live bullets fired at the protesters and also the identity of the casualties.

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The Governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s delayed response to the events of Tuesday night raised some concerns among most Lagosians and Twitter users.

Tweeps took to the social platform to question his acclaimed solidarity towards the #EndSARS campaign, and went on to trend #SanwooluIsAMurderer for his failure to protect Lagosians as he had promised.

He recieved backlash for joining Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Bahari, his vice, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, and former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in their alleged usual mannerism of silence in the face of a national unrest.

Releasing a statement hours after he was called out, Sanwo-Olu sympathized with the victims of the shootout in Lekki and blamed the situation on ‘forces beyond his control’. He later denied any record of fatalities during Tuesday’s attack at a press conference in Lagos.

Dracrays, Khaleesi

These fictional characters from the hit movie series ‘Game of Thrones’ trended as comic relief for Nigerian Twitter users who blamed the razing of structures in various parts of the state on Khaleesi, the ‘Mother of Dragons’ and Dracrays, her dragon friend.

Tweeps say they are set to imitate the government’s penchant for giving outrageous explainations in times of accountability.


Igando, located in the Alimosho local government area of Lagos State, hit the trends table at midday of Wednesday as violence between the police and thugs resulted in the burning down of police stations and loss of lives.

…By Okiemute Abraham

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