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Soyinka disagrees with Obasanjo on restructuring

Soyinka disagrees with Obasanjo on restructuring

Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, on Monday disagreed with the position of former President Olusegun Obasanjo that what Nigeria needs is a restructuring of the mind.

While the demand for restructuring has continued to mount especially from the southern regions of Nigeria, former President Obasanjo had maintained that what Nigerians need to do was to restructure their mentality.

“We have to restructure our minds, we have to restructure our understanding of Nigeria, what country do we want and if we decide on what country we want, how do we get that country, all hands on deck,” Obasanjo had said.

But Soyinka, who spoke with newsmen at the Freedom Park in Lagos, disagreed with Obasanjo’s view. He said that Nigeria is long overdue for reconfiguration.

Soyinka argued that the restructuring of the mind could be done on daily basis and insisted that Nigeria currently needs “reconfiguring”.

He also decried the recent rallies and calls for President Muhammadu Buhari to run for second term in 2019. According to him, it was sickening for anybody to be demanding that Buhari should run again in 2019 just midway into his first tenure.

The literary icon said he would not want be part of such discussions.

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President Buhari recently returned from London where he spent 103 days on medical vacation. He had earlier this year spent 49 days in London on health issues that have remained top secret.

However, while it was not yet clear what the current health status of President Buhari is, many of his supporters and party members are already canvassing for asecond term in 2019.

On the other hand, the demand for the restructuring of the country has continued to mount. The regions of the southern part of the country has continued to call for a return to the 1963 Constitution of the country which allowed each region greater control over its resources.


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Ebere is a lover of investigative journalism, always seeking to unearth the hidden.


    Prof Soyinka, we are tired of your academic acumen that produces no results

    • Anita Kingsley

      Despite all his academic excellence, he’s not useful for Nigeria, all the accolades he’s receiving are only useful for himself and his family. He should not speak grammar for us since he doesn’t know what Nigerians are feeling

      • anything4nija

        We must be careful how rude we become when analyzing and even criticising men who have through hardwork carved a niche for themselves and are highly respected among the world’s most powerful and educated. At Prof. Soyinka’s age and attainment posterity and legacy is all that preoccupies his mind. So he might be sharing a perspective too broad for some of his critics.

      • seyi jelili

        He is not Patrick obahingbon who is specialise in illogical grammar, Soyinka English is always simple and easy to get

  • Abeni Adebisi

    Wole Soyinka is living a fulfilled life and he has achieved almost everything he wants to achieve in life, people like him cannot decide what the average Nigerians want. If he says Nigeria needs reconfiguration, what’s the difference between reconfiguring and restructuring if not “ENGLISH”? Soyinka should please advocate for the lesser class Nigerians and speak in a language everyone can understand

  • Animashaun Ayodeji

    It is Wole Soyinka who is wrong, Nigerians need to restructure their thinking as Obasanjo has rightly stated. Reconfiguring the country will not help if we carry on with our evil mind set that Nigeria can never work. It is when we start believing that Nigeria can and will work that restructuring and reconfiguring can work… for our good

    • Anita Kingsley

      What Nigeria needs to do is to break up, we’re too big to coordinate. We cannot do anything reasonable if we continue to be one Nigeria, we hate ourselves, that’s the truth

      • yanju omotodun

        Don’t preach breaking up Anita, it’s part of hate speeches, nonsense talk. Restructure your thinking and feeling

  • seyi jelili

    Pen will always be mightier than sword.

  • Balarabe musa

    Soyinka is not even worth a professor and he is naive in political matters, he thought literature and politics are same